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How DreamBody Can Rejuvenate Your Internal System

June 29, 2012

DreamBody Age management Medicine has based its wellness programs on those principles started in 1993 by Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman to prevent deterioration caused by age related diseases. The American Academy of Age management Medicine, A4M, provides board certification for physicians who are willing to research and re-learn medicine without the overwhelming influence of the pharmaceutical companies.

DreamBody Medical Centers improves beauty and performance with comprehensive hormone balancing and nutritional support that is best done by a physician who is board certified in Age management Medicine. To truly address the goals of our clients, we rejuvenate the performance of their internal systems in the following ways:

Restore Energy

Decrease Weight

Restore Endurance

Stimulate Sex Drive

Increase Lean Tissue

Stimulate Cognitive Thinking

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Balanced Nutritional & Fitness Plans

Performance Optimization Packages (Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements)

Toxin Elimination (Anti-oxidants and Cleansing)

Rejuvenate Internal Functions

The sooner a patient optimizes their hormone level and takes preventative vitamins the longer they will be able to continue a youthful lifestyle and slow down the outward signs of aging; winkles, sagging skin, obesity, forgetfulness, lost of height from osteoporosis.

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