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How-To Effectively Mix Different Health & Wellness Treatments

September 20, 2013

At our Medical Center, we offer a long list and wide variety of
health benefiting treatments
and services. Have you ever wondered if mixing some of these different treatments was a good idea? Well to your surprise, we actually suggest that some of our services and treatments be done at the same time or in conjunction with one another to receive the best possible results!

What to mix?

Depending on your end goal, mixing anything from our long list of
age management
weight loss
pain management services
may be the right path for you.

If pain is your issue, a combination of
may be the answer!
, also known as
Regenerative Injection Therapy
(RIT) is a unique treatment that actually injects natural substances into the area of pain, triggering the production of growth factors that then launch a controlled inflammation that will stimulate your body’s natural healing methods. Too complicated? Here it is simplified: The doctors inject a natural substance to your joint or muscle group that hurts. That substance basically causes an unwanted inflammation that forces your body to start a healing process that would never take place had the controlled inflammation not taken place.

Prolotherapy takes anywhere from two to six treatments, all recommended to be performed three to six weeks apart from one another. At DreamBody, we are big believers in taking nutritional supplements. Nutritional supplements can help with a wide variety of health and wellness issues. Our experienced team will evaluate you to determine exactly what vitamins and supplements will best benefit you, and get you on track to living a healthy and pain-free life. This is why we suggest pairing the two, Prolotherapy and Supplements, to give you the best outcome possible.

If weight loss is your focus, the HCG diet paired with B-12 injections, followed by Cold Laser Liposuction may be just the right combination to get you that dream body you have been dreaming of for years.

HCG diet
is typically a 20 to 40 day diet in which the patient follows a strict diet of 500 calories a day while receiving daily injections of HCG, a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. While 500 calories may seem undoable, the injections actually help to increase your energy while you continue to lose weight. We highly recommend pairing B-12 injections while on the
HCG diet
. Not only will the injections help with the weight loss, they will also give you those necessary vitamins and nutrients you’ll need while on the diet.

Once you have completed the HCG diet, you can expect to have lost up to 35 pounds, nearly half a pound per day. This is where we suggest Cold Laser Liposuction. Cold Laser Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure, performed right in the comfort of our office, that permanently removes fat from your body.

These are just a few of our recommendations when it comes to mixing different treatments and procedures, however there are plenty of other combinations that are available, depending on your body and specific wants and needs. For more information on the treatments and services we offer, please give us a call at 480-907-3917, or click here:

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