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December 29, 2011

Botox is a treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Men and women both do Botox and it is completely safe for both genders. It’s mainly done for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyebrow area, the forehead and around the eyes or crow’s feet. Many people come into the office thinking their face is going to look stiff after a Botox treatment, and that’s not true.

Botox can be done in any amounts that you want, it just depends on the outcome that you want to look. I tend to go more conservative and inject less. It’s always best to inject less and come back for more if you need it. But no, you’ll have a little paralyzed area, but definitely you’ll have expressions still in your face.

Most people come in for Botox in their 40’s when they notice the lines starting. But if you look at your parents and you notice that they have deep lines, it’s really not too early to start in your mid-20’s. It’s preventative medicine.

On an average basis, Botox is generally injected every three to four months. Some people like to stretch it out to every six months, but to stay consistent I say definitely twice a year. After having your Botox procedure, you might walk away from the office with little red bumps. That’s about all you’ll get. I do recommend avoiding any aspirin products prior to your injections, so you don’t bleed and get bruised.

Botox results can occur between three and ten days, so they’re not instant or immediate results. You’ll notice about a week later that the Botox will cause your muscles to relax. After having Botox, my rules are to not lay flat for the next couple of hours. You don’t want the Botox to move anywhere, so no rubbing the area that I injected in. Just stay upright, eliminate exercise for the day because you don’t want to over-sweat and metabolize that quickly.

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