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Hormone Health for Men: Manopause

June 29, 2012

The levels in testosterone, known as the sex drive hormone in men, decline naturally over time, due to a number of factors including aging, decreased activity, poor diet, and human growth hormone deficiency.

At our clinic, we refer to this deficiency as Andropause. By the age of 60, an average male’s testosterone level is about half what it was in his teenage years. Wouldn’t it be great to have the strength and energy you had when you were 18? Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help! Testosterone is one of the most important anti-aging medications for both men and women. The benefits include:

Increased lean body mass

Decreased fat mass

Improved libido

Improved cholesterol levels

Reduced bone fractures

Improved cognitive function

Improved mood

To find out if you are a candidate for TRT, you will need to see one of our physicians. Samples of blood and/or saliva will be tested to determine your hormone levels. The physician will then create a plan of care best suited to your needs. Testosterone can be prescribed as a cream, gel or as an injection. All of these options and more can be discussed with our board certified anti-aging physicians. We are experts in hormones, and we truly believe replacing hormones on a natural level can benefit your overall health.

Find out how we can get you back to feeling younger with hormone replacement therapy. From testosterone, HCG weight loss plans, and our physician-grade vitamins, we can help you start the New Year feeling better.

Bio-Identical Hormones

Testosterone Can Improve Women’s Health

June 29, 2012

When it comes to discussing testosterone, most people think it’s just a male hormone, but this is not true.
In fact, women produce approximately 250 micrograms of testosterone daily. While the male production is 20-30 times higher, testosterone is nearly as important to women as it is to men.

The emotional and physical signs of a testosterone deficiency can appear as the following:
Nervous, irritable behavior

Excessive anxiety

Depression the whole day long

Poor memory or concentration

Pale face

Dry eyes

Poor or reduced muscle volume, tone or strength

Cellulite on the thighs

Varicose veins

Testosterone performs important roles in women, such as:

Improvement of mood

Reduction of depression and anxiety

Improvement of bone density

Improvement of muscle size and strength

Improved sex drive

Improvement in skin

It is important to check your hormone levels through blood or saliva samples. It is likely long-term deficiency of testosterone in women can predispose us to depression, anxiety disorders, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and atherosclerosis.

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The 12 Factors of Weight Gain

June 29, 2012

An estimated 119 million American adults are overweight or obese (more than 20 pounds over ideal body weight).

There are a variety of factors that can cause some people to gain weight and have a hard time losing it. Here are some reasons why some people may overeat and why some people burn calories more slowly than others.

Food Allergies:

Weight gain may be due to allergies to food or food intolerances. About 60 % of the U.S. population suffers from undetected food allergies which can affect the brain and the hunger response. This in turn can affect some people’s ability to lose weight.

Stress Hormones:

Many people eat more food than they need when stressed. The two hormones governing stress are DHEA and cortisol. When these two hormones are out of balance, long-term consequences related to weight can occur. These consequences can include weight gain, binge eating, and sugar cravings.

Female Hormones:

The average weight gain at peri-menopause and menopause is 20 pounds. As women enter peri-menopause and menopause many of them gain extra pounds. In order to lose weight and keep it off a woman’s sex hormones should be balanced and replaced as their levels drop with age.

Male Hormones:

Men can also have declining hormones as they age. This is called andropause. For men, weight and a difficulty in losing weight may be related to decreases in their hormones, particularly testosterone.


Insulin helps the body to regulate its blood sugar. When elevated, there is a common link to obesity and the ratio of fat to muscle increases. Chronic exposure to refined carbohydrates and simple sugars can cause insulin elevation. Unfortunately, many people have trouble avoiding these substances due to the daily struggle of balancing work and family.


Hypothyroidism is commonly misdiagnosed. In fact, 40% of the population in the United States experiences undiagnosed hypothyroidism. If your level of this important hormone is too low, the result is weight gain.


A total of four organs serve to detoxify the body: the skin, kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. It is important all four remain healthy for optimal fat burning. If any of these organs are out of balance or in less than optimal health, this can affect your ability to lose weight.


Being overweight can cause inflammation in the body and increase chemicals in your system that can in turn, cause you to increase your food intake. These same chemicals can decrease your body’s ability to burn fat efficiently. In addition to weight gain and obesity, inflammation is a symptom of almost every chronic disease process.


Adequate sleep is important to promote weight loss and maintain proper levels of chemicals and hormones involved with weight control. Disturbed or inadequate sleep can result in weight gain.


Exercise is very important to lose weight and keep it off. Exercise aids in increasing metabolic rate and maintains lean muscle mass. Again, many people have trouble fitting exercise into their hectic lifestyles.


Drinking enough water allows the body to feel full and helps to decrease the intake of too many calories. Ideally, the amount of water you drink each day in ounces should be half your body weight. For example, an individual weighing 180 pounds should drink 90 ounces.


Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers relaying signals between nerves cells. Weight gain and obesity, for some people, can be related to improper levels of these chemicals. When neurotransmitters are not working properly, people may have trouble feeling full after a meal or may mistake stress or fatigue for hunger.

In The End

DreamBody Medical Centers offers individualized, medically supervised weight loss programs that fully factor in above 12 possible causes of weight gain. We specialize in the highly effective HCG metabolic weight loss program which is based on the protocol from Dr. A.T.W. Simeon. Dr. Simeon developed this program in Europe and achieved great success for more than 20 years with helping patients lose and maintain weight.

The DreamBody comprehensive program includes a detailed history, examination, EKG, instruction manual, weekly diet and lifestyle coaching, weekly B12 shots, credit voucher toward supplements, injected supplies, and a discount toward our Hormone/Age Management Program. To help you maintain a healthy weight long term, we may also recommend food allergy testing, and/or evaluation of your neurotransmitters, cortisol levels, and hormone levels.

DreamBody Medical Centers can help you identify which specific factors are affecting your weight and then help you overcome those factors!

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How DreamBody Can Rejuvenate Your Internal System

June 29, 2012

DreamBody Age management Medicine has based its wellness programs on those principles started in 1993 by Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman to prevent deterioration caused by age related diseases. The American Academy of Age management Medicine, A4M, provides board certification for physicians who are willing to research and re-learn medicine without the overwhelming influence of the pharmaceutical companies.

DreamBody Medical Centers improves beauty and performance with comprehensive hormone balancing and nutritional support that is best done by a physician who is board certified in Age management Medicine. To truly address the goals of our clients, we rejuvenate the performance of their internal systems in the following ways:

Restore Energy

Decrease Weight

Restore Endurance

Stimulate Sex Drive

Increase Lean Tissue

Stimulate Cognitive Thinking

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Balanced Nutritional & Fitness Plans

Performance Optimization Packages (Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements)

Toxin Elimination (Anti-oxidants and Cleansing)

Rejuvenate Internal Functions

The sooner a patient optimizes their hormone level and takes preventative vitamins the longer they will be able to continue a youthful lifestyle and slow down the outward signs of aging; winkles, sagging skin, obesity, forgetfulness, lost of height from osteoporosis.

Age Management, Bio-Identical Hormones

Human Growth Hormone Benefits

June 29, 2012

Originally taken only from human cadavers, and used only in children of short stature, growth hormone has had an interesting and controversial history. Fortunately, the understanding of its importance in adult physiology came at approximately the same time as recombinant DNA technology, which led to greater availability along with virtually no risks. Soon after this, the comparison was made between growth hormone-deficient adults and aging adults. Because of the tremendous similarities, growth hormone started being used and soon gained great popularity in the treatment of normal aging. Growth hormone is clearly useful and therapeutic in this regard as long as it is used in a carefully monitored, professionally managed program. Any growth hormone program must include proper nutrition and exercise with emphasis on a low refined carbohydrate diet.

The benefits of growth hormone use in Somatopause which have been clearly documented in the medical literature, include the following: a decrease in body fat, an increase in muscle mass, thickening of the skin with decreased wrinkling, improvement in the cholesterol profile, an increase in bone density, enhanced feeling of well being, a decrease in the waist to hip ratio (meaning fat is removed primarily from around the waist where it is associated with a high risk of coronary disease), improvement in aerobic capacity, enhanced immune function and a decrease in the frequency of illness.

DreamBody makes the following recommendations for anyone considering a program of Comprehensive Hormone Replacement Therapy; make sure that the physician has a board certification from the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and is in good standing with their state board of medical examiners (such as Dreambody’s Dr. Budnick.) This is the only means by which you can be assured that the physician is qualified and knowledgeable enough to diagnose and treat you.

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.