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Liposuction 101

October 1, 2014

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a common procedure that is performed for millions of people all across the globe. It is performed a number of different ways with various tools. Because of this, the process of doing research on liposuction can be a bit overwhelming. To make the research process a bit easier, Dr. Budnick from DreamBody Medical Centers in Scottsdale, AZ will walk you through some of the most important aspects of liposuction. These include:

• The process of liposuction

• The best candidates for liposuction

• Expectations for liposuction

• Alternatives to liposuction

Process of Liposuction

The liposuction procedure has been around for approximately 20 years and has gained much ground with patients in the past decade. With how prominent liposuction has become, the technology for this procedure has followed suit, becoming more and more advanced.

As Dr. Budnick explains, the liposuction procedure performed in DreamBody’s office is completely safe for patients. In fact, it is safer for a patient to undergo liposuction procedure while awake, rather than going under and dealing with potential health risks associated with anesthesia.

Unlike many other procedures, liposuction allows you to eat prior to the surgery, and Dr. Budnick encourages patients to do so, to avoid any potential light headedness and nausea that can come from an empty stomach.

As Dr. Budnick indicates, the best candidate for liposuction is someone who can mark the area of fat on their body that they want removed.

Once you come in for your procedure, Dr. Budnick will mark those same areas of fat you are wanting to get rid of. After that, he will treat those areas with a local anesthetic, tumescent.

From there, he will let the tumescent sit in your body for approximately 30 minutes, allowing the anesthetic to numb you. After that process has taken place and the area that will be treated is numbed, Dr. Budnick will use a cold laser to suck out the fat from the marked areas.

This simple, non-invasive procedure provides many benefits for the patients who seek out liposuction. Along with the ability to eat prior to surgery and not having to undergo anesthesia, some of the benefits of DreamBody’s liposuction procedure include:

• Faster recovery process

• Much less downtime

• Safer procedure

• No stitches

• Happier patients

After receiving liposuction in our DreamBody office, you can expect to have a quick recovery time and to see immediate results! Patients are typically able to return to work within one or two days of receiving liposuction, however everyone is different, and each patient may experience slightly different results.

One of the greatest benefits of liposuction includes the instant results patients can expect to see. In addition to this, those results will continue to improve as the swelling from the procedure minimizes.

In-office liposuction is extremely convenient, quick, nearly painless and hassle-free. Why go to the hospital to have a procedure done when you can have the simplicity of liposuction performed in the comfort of our medical office?

You won’t have to sit around in an unfamiliar hospital with unfamiliar people waiting for the procedure to begin. Instead, you’ll be in a familiar office, (the same as when you came in for your consultation!) with the same staff and familiar faces!

Best Candidates for Liposuction

When most people think of candidates for liposuction procedures, they usually think of people who are extremely obese and have struggled with weight problems for years. Even though some of those individuals may be good candidates for extreme liposuction procedures that take place in a hospital, those particular cases are not usually the best candidates for an in-office liposuction procedure that Dr. Budnick provides.

As he states in this video, the best candidates for liposuction are individuals who have a specific area of fat that they would like to get rid of. For example, if someone wants to get rid of a pocket of fat in their belly or they want to have fat removed from their inner thighs, that is something that can easily be done in DreamBody’s office.

If you are overweight and are looking for a quick and easy fix, this type of liposuction may not be best for you.

Expectations for Liposuction

Everybody has the same image in their mind: as soon as you get liposuction, you immediately have your perfect body that somehow makes you look 20 years younger than you were prior to the procedure. Even though liposuction provides amazing results for patients, it is not always realistic to think that you will leave the office with an entirely new body.

As Dr. Budnick explains, depending on the reasoning for an individual’s choice to get liposuction, he may or may not want to remove a tremendous amount of fat. If someone wants to be able to wear a bikini the next week, he can’t remove as much fat as he would if someone simply wants to go lose a few inches from their waist.

The reality of liposuction is that once you remove fat, you are essentially just left with muscle. Even though that is the result most patient’s want, they fail to realize that muscle tends to be a bit bumpy, as where fat is usually smooth. When someone has a pocket of fat removed from their stomach or legs, that area will usually be left with a bumpy area since all the smooth fat has been removed.

Alternatives to Liposuction

Liposuction is a quick and easy fix to get rid of a specific area of fat that has been bugging you for a long period of time. However, it is not a conclusion that you immediately want to jump to. If you haven’t tried to consistently diet and exercise, that is your first and best option to try. Even though it is a slower process, the age-old solution of diet and exercise is usually the best.

Many problems that people run into as they get older is that it becomes easier to put weight on but becomes more and more difficult to get it off. Most men and women who have reached their 40’s and 50’s know all too well that with their natural change in hormone levels, comes change in weight and energy. Before you automatically choose liposuction as your saving grace, think about the option of hormone therapy.

DreamBody provides hormone replacement therapy for both men and women and have seen drastic improvements in health and energy levels by simply supplying someone with more estrogen or testosterone.

The Next Step

Now that you know all of the crucial information about the liposuction procedure, take the next step and set up a consultation to see what this procedure has to offer you!

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Dr. Paul Budnick on Arizona Midday

August 8, 2012

Dr. Paul Budnick of DreamBody Medical Centers in
Scottsdale, AZ sat down with Jan from Arizona Midday to talk about
cold laser liposuction
and the other services offered at DreamBody.

DreamBody offers a wide variety of
treatments that can be performed right in the office. Dr. Budnick talks specifically about the cold laser liposuction procedure that he and his team perform at DreamBody. The cold laser lipo is unique because it has
fat melting
properties, as well as healing properties.

Dr. Budnick chooses to use the cold laser
technique over other
options because he believes it is the safest and most successful method out there. Because the cold laser liposuction can be performed right in the DreamBody office, the cost is reduced, making it much more convenient and therefore more popular.

IV Vitamin & Mineral Therapy, Videos

IV Therapy

December 29, 2011

Most anybody is a candidate for IV vitamin therapy, but we do see patients on a daily basis for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and high stress patients.

At DreamBody, we take the time to listen to what you’re suffering from, your complaints, and we customize an IV that is appropriate for you. A vitamin IV here at DreamBody generally takes about 45 minutes. Each IV is customized according to you individually.

We typically give everybody a modified Meyer’s cocktail, but if you’re lacking a certain nutrient, we will increase that. If you have an allergy to a certain vitamin, we’ll decrease that or eliminate it completely. So we really do customize each and every IV that we offer here. In conjunction with IV vitamin therapy, we do offer a huge variety of physician grade supplements that go hand in hand with treatment.



December 29, 2011

Deb Budnick: The best candidates for laser liposuction are both men and women. Small, large, really doesn’t matter as far as size goes. We take off a couple of inches per area, per patients’ needs. People that exercise daily and eat a good healthy diet are definitely candidates for laser liposuction. They usually have a problem area and we’re able to help with that area and get them back to the perfect perception that they are.

The areas that men typically choose to get liposuctioned are the male breasts and the abdomen. The abdomen, sometimes the flanks included. With women, the number one area that I see people requesting is the abdomen and the muffin top women call it, after children, they have this roll that hangs over. We also do the chin, we do the inner and outer thighs. Thighs are probably the second most popular area, number one being the abdomen. The results that can be expected with liposuction are a smaller size, inch loss, definitely over time. It’s a slow process, a slow healing recovery but life-changing.

Cold laser liposuction is definitely better than other liposuction procedures out there because we use the cold laser which helps assist the fat cells to liquefy. The fat is actually released from the fat cell and we’re able to suction that all out nice and evenly to give you great results in the long run versus other lasers than can’t assist such as the hot lasers out there. Those have risks of burns and uneven results. We’re really happy with our cold laser.

Most people can go back to work in about three days after liposuction. The most popular day to get liposuction is generally Thursday, Friday and go back to work by Monday. However, expect to be pretty sore. But definitely you can move about and do your daily activities. A nice long weekend to recover is best.

The results with liposuction are about approximately six months or so, it could be a little bit longer. You can actually heal for about 18 months, but the most results are seen in usually one to four months. That first month is dedicated to your bruising and your swelling and tissues that become hard which is all normal, but it’s definitely a patient recovery.

To prepare for liposuction, I always ask my patients have you done your research, because it’s really, important to know who you’re going to see, what laser they’re going to use and then prepping yourself for surgery. So, stop taking any aspirin products about a week prior to when you want to have a procedure done. Eating a healthy diet, eliminating white flour, white sugar, carbohydrates – trying to get your body to somewhat of a healthy state before a procedure. With liposuction the weight stays off permanently in that area that we liposuctioned. So, the fat cells are actually removed, which makes the procedure permanent.

HCG Diet, Videos


December 29, 2011

HCG is a diet if you want to lose twenty pounds in the next month or two. That’s the best way I can put it. HCG is very, very safe. The pharmaceutical injections are the only way you should do it. The stuff over the internet that you buy is not as strong as the pharmaceutical. In fact, the stuff over the internet is homeopathic. The definition of homeopathic is it is so diluted that they can sell it as a non-pharmaceutical drug so it is actually diluted one to 125,000 so there is one ounce to 125,000 ounces which is one ounce to 125 gallons about.

So why should you do it – you should do it to lose weight. It’s been around so long, over the internet you might see that there’s no study backing it up and that’s because it’s been around for 35 years. We already know it works.

Why would you use HCG instead of liposuction? Well I sit down with a patient and try to get their goals. If they think they are going to lose weight with liposuction, you’re wrong, they are going to lose inches. HCG, what they have, they are going to lose weight. They will use them in conjunction. That what makes DreamBody Cosmetic and Anti-Aging so special is that we do use them in conjunction. Generally a liposuction clinic will not do bioidentical hormones in HCG in testosterone replacement. We do here. That’s why you achieve your dream body because we are going to tighten your muscles with bio identical hormones. We are going to have you lose general weight with the HCG and then that spot troubled area of fat, we are going to suck that out and you are going to lose inches so your pants, your tops, your jeans fit better.

The myth that HCG is dangerous is it is a myth. The danger stuff is the homeopathic stuff on the internet. That is dangerous because what you’re doing is you’re eating 500 calories. The HGC in the homeopathic substance is just water so you are not chewing up fat as fast so with the HCG you are chewing up fat and you are delivering more calories to use so you can function better and you lose weight faster.How does HCG work? I love that question. HCG, again, it goes back to the basic premise of why you are on this Earth is to procreate and your body, when you’re pregnant, it wants the baby to grow, it wants the baby to continue to grow and if you’ve seen starving people in Africa they continue to grow. The mother’s stomach grows nice and big. They deliver seven, eight pound babies but the mother gets very skinny if they are calorie deprived in some of these countries that have famine in them let’s say. So that’s where the first observation for HCG came, so the whole premise is that HCG hormone will chew up your fat to feed the baby. Of course while you are doing it you are not pregnant so if you restrict yourself calories to 500 calories a day your body will chew up the fat on your body to feed the presumed baby by the HCG sensed by your fat cells.

Fillers, Videos


December 29, 2011

At DreamBody we offer Juvederm fillers. They’re pretty much the same type filler, just different name brands. Patients do have preferences and we’ll inject accordingly. Candidates for fillers are someone with very deep lines that are not able to get injected through BOTOX. Generally below the nose is the most common area to get a filler. Around the lips or in the lips as well. The benefits of receiving filler is pretty much an instant result. You’re going to see the area plump up and the lines decrease right before your eyes. Fillers can definitely go hand in hand with BOTOX. You can do both areas below your nose for a filler, above your nose for BOTOX on the very same day. Fillers tend to last about a year, depending on which filler we use and what area we use it in. If you use a lot of filler in one area, it’s going to last longer than if you spread one syringe of filler in multiple areas.



December 29, 2011

At DreamBody, we do offer facials here. We offer a range of different percent glycolic peels.

The one that I truly recommend is our VI peel. It’s the deepest physician grade peel out on the market right now, and it’s fantastic. The skin actually peels off in sheets, and the skin below comes out a fresh new skin. So, it gets rid of hyper-pigmented areas, old acne scars, deep lines. It definitely helps soften lines up. But getting away dry dead skin is what it does.

A medical grade peel or facial can be done as often as four weeks. I do recommend patients to wait a couple of months and really take care of their skin in between treatments. So, ultimately getting them once or twice a year is an average.

At a day spa, the peels offered are generally not as deep as a medical grade peel that we offer here at DreamBody. A day spa can offer a very low percentage of glycolic peel, but at DreamBody we go deeper than that. So, only in a medical office can you get a peel this strong.

HCG Diet, Videos

HCG Diet

December 29, 2011
What is the HCG Diet?

HCG works on fat. It is known as the pregnancy hormone. It’s chewing away your fat. Basically, what you’re doing is you’re detoxing it through your liver, kidneys. You’re flushing it with a bunch of water and you’re excreting that fat on a daily basis. You are sticking to 500 calories. Your daily intake is less than you’d prefer it, but you’re actually not hungry because your body thinks you’re eating about 2500 calories a day.

Most people do lose about a half a pound to a pound a day. We have two programs; 26 and 46 days. At DreamBody we only use prescription-strength, injectable HCG for our diet patients. We have seen other companies promoting liquid HCG, intranasal HCG, sublingual, under the tongue HCG. We find that these methods just don’t work as well as injectable. We’ve been doing injections for about three years with our patients and the success rate is extremely high. Most liquid HCG that you take by mouth is very watered down and if you can get it over the counter, it’s probably 95 % water.

The patients that we see coming in for HCG are men and women, all ages. The most important thing to know is with women if you’re still menstruating that you do the diet after a cycle. But everybody’s a candidate. It’s a very, very safe diet. HCG is definitely safe for both men and women. Men think that yeah there’s a chance of pregnancy because it’s the pregnancy hormone and that’s not true. It actually works a little bit better on men. Men seem to lose more weight on the diet and in a little bit of higher dosage it actually increases men’s testosterone levels. Overall, they feel better.

Some precautions that you should take on HCG would be eliminating or doing very little exercising and avoiding constipation. That’s probably our number one complaint because of such few calories. Drinking a lot of water, knowing that ahead of time, preparing your body for that, is a big help. Most people lose about a half a pound to a pound a day on the HCG diet. I’ve seen with larger men that they lose a little bit more than that. Most of our patients that come in for HCG also inquire about liposuction. They can definitely be done hand-in-hand.

We do a fair amount of both diet recommendations; liposuction and HCG. The liposuction, though, is permanent. HCG is not, but they’re both pretty successful. HCG can be done at the same time as liposuction, just prior to a procedure or just after a procedure. You get the ultimate best results doing both because you’re getting every bit of fat off that you can. Eating 500 calories a day on the HCG diet is definitely safe while you’re taking your injections. Only because the HCG is chewing up about 2000 calories of your fat. You’re putting in 500 so your body’s thinking it’s eating 2500 calories a day so you’re not hungry throughout the day. HCG actually preserves lean muscle mass so the HCG will not attack any part of the muscle. It just attacks the fat.

Botox, Videos


December 29, 2011

Botox is a treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Men and women both do Botox and it is completely safe for both genders. It’s mainly done for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyebrow area, the forehead and around the eyes or crow’s feet. Many people come into the office thinking their face is going to look stiff after a Botox treatment, and that’s not true.

Botox can be done in any amounts that you want, it just depends on the outcome that you want to look. I tend to go more conservative and inject less. It’s always best to inject less and come back for more if you need it. But no, you’ll have a little paralyzed area, but definitely you’ll have expressions still in your face.

Most people come in for Botox in their 40’s when they notice the lines starting. But if you look at your parents and you notice that they have deep lines, it’s really not too early to start in your mid-20’s. It’s preventative medicine.

On an average basis, Botox is generally injected every three to four months. Some people like to stretch it out to every six months, but to stay consistent I say definitely twice a year. After having your Botox procedure, you might walk away from the office with little red bumps. That’s about all you’ll get. I do recommend avoiding any aspirin products prior to your injections, so you don’t bleed and get bruised.

Botox results can occur between three and ten days, so they’re not instant or immediate results. You’ll notice about a week later that the Botox will cause your muscles to relax. After having Botox, my rules are to not lay flat for the next couple of hours. You don’t want the Botox to move anywhere, so no rubbing the area that I injected in. Just stay upright, eliminate exercise for the day because you don’t want to over-sweat and metabolize that quickly.

Lipotropic B-12, Videos

B-12 Injections

December 16, 2011

At DreamBody we offer three different types of B12 injections. Our first level is straight B12, Methylcobalamin, which could increase your energy level, help promote a healthy immune system, and possibly break down bad fats.

The second level of injection is B12 with amino acids. It is designed to help patients decrease body fats. The amino acids may assist in breaking down fats in the patient’s body while delivering the B12 benefits.

The third level of B12 injection is a combination of vitamin C, B12, and all of the B vitamins, otherwise known as a B complex plus amino acids. This injection can help promote a healthy immune system and possibly aid in increasing energy and breaking down bad fats. Many patients feel that the main benefit of this injection is the extra boost to the immune system. So, if you’re travelling, or feel like you are coming down with something, this is probably the best injection for you.

Most people receive a B12 injection weekly, however monthly injections are also an option. The frequency depends on the diet of the patient. Vegetarians especially can benefit from weekly B12 as it is difficult to absorb all the B vitamin needed on a vegetarian diet. The benefits of B12 can include promotion of a healthy immune system and an increase in energy levels. Patients who don’t have the time to come in to the clinic on a weekly or monthly basis can even be trained to administer their own B12 injections at home.

DreamBody recommends the second level of B12 injections to help maintain the results of an HGC diet. A patient could potentially lose about a pound a month if the injections are continued on a weekly basis.

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.