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Should I diet or do liposuction?

May 5, 2013

How to decide between dieting and liposuction
During consultations, patients frequently ask, ‘Should I diet or do liposuction?’

Every patient will receive a different response from us because we are medical professionals, not sales people.

At DreamBody, we go over a complete history with every patient, understanding why they battle with a problem area or yo-yo dieting. Once the medical professionals at DreamBody have a good understanding of what a patient needs to get the desired results, we offer guidance to point them in the right direction.

At Dreambody Medical Centers, we educate patients daily about
, a very successful
weight loss program
. A patient can lose between one-half and one pound per day, as long as the program details are followed faithfully. Program details include a 500-calorie diet, daily HCG injections and weekly
B-12 injections

For the patients who have tried dieting and exercise, and can’t seem to get an area slimmer, we suggest
cold-laser liposuction
. Cold-laser
is the only permanent solution to weight loss in a specific area of the body. Once the fat is removed, it never comes back to that area. We use a non-invasive laser to liquefy the fat. We then numb the area with tumescent fluid. Lastly, we suction out the fat and fat cells, leaving a permanent smooth result.

Our prices are very affordable compared to other liposuction clinics in the area. With advances in technology, the procedure has become safer, easier and much more affordable. Recovery is simple, and most patients go back to work in a few days.

We offer free consultations. Call our office to schedule an appointment with us, and DreamBody promises to help you decide if you should diet or do liposuction.

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