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5 Ways to Get Beach Body Ready

April 1, 2015
5 Ways to Get Beach Body Ready

5 Ways to Get Beach Body Ready

Summer is just around the corner! Beach vacations and trips to the lake are being planned and everyone is living life carefree. That is until you remember that you have to fit back into your swimsuit! Summertime is a bittersweet season for many people. Even though it includes fun and vacationing, it also includes having to feel confident when wearing swimsuits that leave you half-naked.

After the holidays come and go, many people become stuck in their lethargic ways. They ate a lot of delicious (and unhealthy) food at their family gatherings and life probably got in the way of their exercise regimen. This happens to people every single year. But fear not—you are not the only person who has to go through this. Many people struggle with their weight on a consistent basis and go into panic mode when beach season arrives.

Instead of crash dieting or picking up any unhealthy habits, try taking a new approach to getting fit for summer. Rather than focusing on losing a certain number of pounds, try adopting healthy habits that will stick after beach season has come and gone.

To help you prepare for your island vacation, we have a few tips to help you get into beach body shape. Some of these ideas might work better than others, so be sure to adopt the one(s) that will work best for you. You know your body better than anyone else, so stay away from ideas that you know you will quickly abandon.

These 5 ideas to help you get the beach body of your dreams are:

1. Pick up a new workout routine.
2. Count your calories.
3. Consider cold laser liposuction.
4. Try the HCG Diet.
5. Stay committed!

After allowing yourself some time to adjust to a new habit or workout, you will notice results! The most important thing to remember is to be patient with yourself and set your goal to be fit, not skinny.

Pick a New Workout Routine

The culprit for many people’s failed attempts at working out is that they tend to choose workout routines that they don’t enjoy or that become very monotonous. When people think of losing weight, they immediately think of the gym. Even though joining a gym can be a great option for some people, others don’t enjoy the environment that most gyms offer. Some people prefer to do sports that are outside and others prefer to participate in group class settings.

Whatever you like best, make that your new workout routine. If you like dancing, give Zumba a try! If you want something that can help relieve stress, why not try yoga? If you are looking to do something completely different from what you have tried before, try crewing or rock climbing!

Exercising isn’t meant to be this torturous thing that you dread having to do every day. Allow it to become something fun that you look forward to! The best thing you can do is switch up your workout a few times a week. Maybe do Zumba two times each week and lift weights two or three times a week. Variety is the spice of life, so never underestimate what spontaneity can do for your energy levels.

Count Your Calories

As much as people hate to hear it, watching what you eat is a major factor in losing weight and getting fit. You can work out all you want, but you will eventually reach a point where it’s not enough to just exercise without eating right.

Just like your workout routine, be sure to choose a diet plan that will work for you. For some people, the Atkins diet works wonders for them, while other people prefer options like Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers. Others like to do it the old fashioned way of counting all your calories throughout the day. Before choosing your diet plan, be sure to do your research and ask other people their opinion and if they have participated in similar diet plans.

At the end of the day, you want to choose the option that is the most realistic for you to stick to. So if you are someone who has to have their bread, a no carb diet won’t be the best option for you.

Cold Laser Liposuction

There are many misconceptions about Liposuction. Generally, people believe that you have to be extremely overweight to qualify for this procedure, or that the only people who get Lipo are rich women who are too lazy to work out. We are here to debunk any and all myths surrounding Liposuction.

The main candidates for Liposuction are people who are generally fit, but have a certain problem area that will not go away regardless of how much they diet or exercise. Liposuction is a quick and easy procedure that is mostly used for a specific problem area. It is a common and safe weight loss option that many people write off before they even do their research on it. So don’t rule Cold Laser Liposuction out! Read up on it and see if it is the right option for you.

HCG Diet

If you are like a lot of people who have tried every diet program under the sun but still haven’t found success, perhaps it’s time to look into the HCG Diet. This diet utilizes Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) which is a hormone produced in women during pregnancy. This hormone converts fat to calories for the baby to use and speeds up the mother’s metabolism. By combining the use of this hormone with a limited calorie diet, patients can lose a lot of weight in a short time frame.

Many patients can lose up to 35 pounds during the first round of the HCG diet but can lose even more if they choose to continue it. If you are interested in finding out more about the HCG diet, give us a call or come in for a consultation!

Stay Committed!

Whatever you choose to do to lose weight and get fit, be sure it is something you are willing to stick with. Our society is known for how quickly it gives up on weight loss and workout routines, so don’t be just another person that falls victim to that cycle. Take the time to really choose the diet or exercise routine that will work best for you. Every person has a different schedule, different energy levels and different preferences when it comes to weight loss, so listen to your body and make the right choice for you!

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The History of the HCG Diet

June 19, 2014

HCG Friendly Vegetables

At DreamBody Medical Centers, we offer a service called the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin diet, also known as the HCG diet, modeled after the original diet method by Albert T.W. Simeons. The HCG hormone is only naturally in women, and is typically only found in the body during pregnancy. The effects of having this hormone in your system include:

  • A faster metabolism
  • Decreases hunger
  • Provides energy1

When taking part in the HCG diet, it is recommended that you avoid over-exerting yourself. Since you are on a low calorie diet it is dangerous to attempt to burn those few calories2.

The Father of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet was discovered by a well-known British endocrinologist, by the name of Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons. Simeons was born in London in 1900, and attended the University of Heidelberg, in Germany.  After graduation, Simeons continued his studies in endocrinology which he studied in both Germany and Switzerland. After he completed his studies in endocrinology, he became fascinated and concerned with the tropical diseases which seemed to be growing at a rapid pace. Simeons’ interest in the subject led to his enrollment in The School of Tropical Medicine in Hamburg. Simeons wanted to get closer to the problem as a means to find a solution, thus he moved to India in 1931. During his time in India, he was determined to gain a deeper understanding of Malaria and Lepra.  Simeons’ determination led to him being awarded the Red Cross Order of Merit for adopting the practice of using injectable atebrin in the treatment of Malaria. Simeons ended up spending 18 years in India, studying an array of tropical diseases. In the late 40s, Simeons left India for Rome and began his studies involving weight management issues, and began conducting experiments on dieting and the HCG hormone. Simeons published a study on the HCG diet in 1954 titled, “Pounds and Inches.” The knowledge about HCG that Simeons provided helped an expansive group of people feel comfortable in their bodies. Simeons passed away while he was in Rome in 19703.

Pounds and Inches

The HCG diet gained initial notoriety in the 1950s after Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons published his study on the effects of HCG and obesity. In his 1954 book, “Pounds and Inches,” Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons outlines causes of obesity and explains his approach to the HCG diet. Shortly into his book, it is apparent that Simeons was aware that there are many causes of obesity, as opposed to other physicians in his time who believed an obese person simply ate too much. In his book, Simeons states that he sees obesity as a disorder in which those who have the disorder will gain weight regardless of the amount that they eat; the belief is reversed for those who do not suffer from the disorder.  Simeons sees other means of losing weight as a temporary fix for a permanent situation.

During his discovery of the HCG diet, Simeons first tested out his theory of HCG as being a diet aid by testing it on participants who suffered from Froelich’s syndrome. After the success with the patients of Froelich’s syndrome, Simeons realized that it could be used in other cases too. With both groups of participants, Simeons reports that while giving small daily doses of HCG, the participants said the two meals they would have daily, totaling at 500 calories, seemed more than they needed/wanted.

Throughout Simeons’ findings, he discovered that if the calorie intake is regularly increased by even 100 or 200 calories, it can have a big effect on the results. Comparably if the dosage of HCG units is increased to a level of 200 or more on a daily basis, the desired effect can be reversed.

In his book, he gives an outline to approved meal ideas. Dr. Simeons stressed that anything not included in this list was meant to be not included and should not be eaten4.

Sixty Years Later – What’s Changed

Although it’s been 60 years since his works first came out, the most current lists of HCG approved foods are the same as those published by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons.  The same food groups remain and there only seem to be a few differences between various lists, which come in the form of additions to Simeons list.

*Aside from these additions, new lists have extended the original list to include what could be considered beef and fresh white fish.

In addition to a few new vegetables and a fruit option, updated lists often include portion sizes. Portion sizes were not clearly defined in the Albert T.W. Simeons book. The portion sizes make it easier for the dieter to add a variety to their diet plan. For instance, instead of having one kind of vegetable for dinner you could have smaller amounts of a few options. As long as the food is clearly listed as an approved food, and you keep the calorie count for the day at 5005.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of his published studies on HCG, “Pounds and Inches,” Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons leaves us with a closing thought.

“The problems of obesity are perhaps not so dramatic as the problems of cancer, but they often cause life long suffering. How many promising careers have been ruined by excessive fat; how many lives have been shortened. If some way -however cumbersome – can be found to cope effectively with this universal problem of modern civilized man, our world will be a happier place for countless fellow men and women4.”

Although it’s been 60 years since his works were published, when it comes to weight issues, it seems as though not much has changed. Obesity has kept many people from leading the lives they want to lead, whether it’s because they are uncomfortable, physically can’t, or have developed a disease and are unable to.


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How to Lose Weight in Your Thighs

April 1, 2014


The secret is out and it’s time to let us help you lose that unwanted fat in the most unwanted area, the thighs. Now is the time to introduce two services that are here to save your workout worries!

Cold Laser Liposuction and HCG diets will help shed weight fast in your most difficult areas. These amazing services can help you start the journey to a healthier and fit body that you have always wanted. So put that salad to the side and read about all the benefits Cold Laser Liposuction and HCG dieting has to offer.

Cold Laser Liposuction

Whether it’s your favorite pair of shorts, or the polka dotted bikini you can’t wait to show off this summer, your thighs can hold you back from walking with confidence. When it comes to working out, it always seems as if our thighs are the last areas to show improvement through countless days at the gym. Now, take the time to forget the myths and movie performances that have put the topic of liposuction into a doubtful category of your own. Cold Laser Liposuction is a great way to get instant results you have always wanted. Using the cold laser on the external part of your body prepares your fat for removal, making the entire process both quick and easy. The great news doesn’t stop there for this procedure for it requires no anesthesia at all. Thanks to DreamBody, we carry the latest technology when it comes to liposuction, making the experience of each client simpler than ever! If you aren’t looking for a dramatic change and want to begin a better overall lifestyle, our HCG Diet is the answer.

The Diet

The HCG diet is an innovative way to speed up your metabolism, burning the amount of calories you consume through eaten foods. As we each acquire our own metabolic rate, it always tends to slow down throughout years due to a variety of factors. That’s why DreamBody is here to pump your metabolism back into high gear. Losing weight in your thighs is not a problem area only female’s face. That’s right men; this is not a woman only zone. DreamBody treats men as well as woman, each having the same results of increased metabolism and losing up to a pound per day. This isn’t like any other diet, because the weight stays off! People have recorded a new normal weight thanks to this spectacular solution to weight loss. Not only will you notice inches coming off of your thighs, but say goodbye to unwanted body fat all over.

Can’t make your mind up about the two? No worries! Many patients today incorporate both services, using the HCG Diet as a way to lose weight fast and Cold Laser Liposuction to attack your thigh’s excess fat. No matter what, remember you are not the only person who struggles with weight in your thighs. Take the first step to leaner thighs and schedule a HCG Diet or Cold Liposuction consultation now.

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Who Should Receive B-12 Injections?

November 13, 2013


Who should and who can receive B-12 injections are two common questions we receive from current and possible patients. The answer is simple. Just about anyone can receive B-12 injections, and just about everyone SHOULD receive them as well.

B-12 injections are of the primary vitamin contributors into your body, working to maintain the functioning between the brain and the central nervous program. Vitamin B-12 promotes a healthy immune system as well as increasing energy levels. That being said, if you are someone who…

a. Could use a bit more energy
b. Wants to be healthy
c. Wants to maintain the functioning with your brain and the entire central nervous program

…then you should be receiving B-12 injections.

Parents, teachers, business men and women, musicians and actors, just to name a few, are some of the types of people that regularly take B-12 injections. The question should not be who should receive B-12 injections. Instead, it should be why should I receive B-12 injections, because once you hear the benefits that these vitamin injections can have on your body, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been doing them forever.

Doctors and researchers all over the country believe that there are more benefits of the vitamin B-12 then have yet to be determined. Because of this, studies are continuing to take place in order to get to the truth of this unique and ever-so-popular vitamin.

Many believe that B-12 injections are directly related with weight-loss. We always recommend that patients on HCG also receive B-12 injections to increase their energy levels, as well and increase the vitamins they receive while on such a strict, low-calorie diet. To learn more about how weight-loss and B-12 injections work together, read our blog “Can You Lose Weight with B-12 Injections?

Weight Loss

DreamBody Nominated for Best Day Spa & Best Alternative Spa Treatment by AZ Foothills Magazine

October 28, 2013

AZ Foothills Best Of Banner

DreamBody Medical Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona wants to provide you with the best lifestyle transformation services in the Valley. To do so, DreamBody uses alternative and personalized techniques to ensure that your flabs, wrinkles, and aging signs are a thing of the past… and that they don’t make special appearances in your near future.

DreamBody Medical Centers provides a variety of distinct offerings from prolotherapy,B-12 injections, pain management, HCG Diet, fillers, cold laser liposuction, IV Vitamin & Mineral Therapy, Botox, and more. Since our patients are all different, and so are our treatments, we are happy to consult you through the journey from treatment to recovery. By visiting our interactive services page, you can explore the treatment options applicable to your problem areas and decide which treatments are right for you.

Our lifestyle transformation services have distinguished us from any other medical center in the state. Dr. Paul Budnick has enriched the anti-aging and weight management industry in Arizona, and this has been recognized by Arizona Foothills Magazine with nominations for Best Day Spa and Best Alternative Spa Treatment.

By clicking on these two links, you can vote for DreamBody Medical Centers, once per day, to be recognized as the Best of Our Valley. Voting will continue through November 30, so you have all month to help us gain the top vote by voting every day! We deeply appreciate the loyal customers that we have acquired over the years and look forward to serving the greater Phoenix area with beauty excellence for many years to come.

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Can You Lose Weight with B-12 Injections?

September 10, 2013


One of the most common questions we get asked is if you can lose weight with B-12 injections. If you are looking for a simple answer, the answer is yes. Yes, you can lose weight with B-12 injections. However, if you are looking for something a bit more detailed and in-depth, you came to the right place.

About B-12 Injections

B-12 injections are exactly what their name suggests: injections of the vitamin B-12, along with other vitamins, into your body. While B-12 injections alone do not make you lose a large amount of weight, they are often used in conjunction with the HCG diet and/or other weight loss methods which often result in weight loss.

B-12 injections are known to correctly maintain the functioning of the brain and the entire nervous program. We offer three different types of B-12 injections at DreamBody, each one better than the last.

1. The first level of B-12 injections we offer is straight B12 Methylcobalamin. This injection helps to increase the patient’s energy and promote a healthy immune system.

2. The second level of B-12 injections we offer includes amino acids, which help to break down the patient’s fat.

3. The third level of B-12 injections we offer is called the Super B-12. It is a combination of Vitamin C, B-12 and all of the B vitamins. This injection helps promote a better immune system, decrease fat and increase energy.

Depending on the level of B-12 Injections you choose, the injection can actually work to break down your fat. We recommend that B-12 injections be received in conjunction with the HCG diet. Whether the name HCG is completely new to you or you are curious as to what you can expect while on the diet, take a look at our related blog post titled: “What to Expect While on HCG” to learn everything you need to know about the diet.

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Kids Are Back to School: Treat Yourself to the Gift of Weight Loss

August 22, 2013

It is that time of year again, the start of the school year! Once the kids are back at school, why not treat yourself to a little TLC, starting with the gift of weight loss with the popular HCG diet? There is no better time to start than once the kids are out of the house and back in school for nearly seven hours a day.

The HCG diet is a great way to lose a rather large amount of weight in a short period of time. A lot of people are scared by the thought dieting, but with endless recipes floating through the Internet, you have nothing to fear! There are plenty of recipes to choose from and follow, allowing you to stick with your diet and not run out of recipes to make! Below are two of our past articles that feature HCG diet friendly recipes, both great to help jump-start your diet.

HCG Taco-less Shrimp Taco Recipe
HCG Friendly Citrus Basil Chicken Recipe

Going on a diet while the kids are at home all day long may not be ideal, but going on a diet once they are back in school is since you don’t have to worry about driving them all over town and constantly making them meals and snacks during the day!

Back to school time is one of the best times to start the HCG diet – not only will you have more time to focus on you, but you will also be able to lose the weight just in time for your family get-togethers. You know, the ones where your mother-in-law nit-picks your every move, your mother comments on your weight and your siblings brag about how great their kids are! While we can’t help you with most of those problems, we can help with one! The HCG diet will help you lose weight and let you enjoy a family get-together without the dreaded weight comments.

It is finally time to treat yourself to the gift of weight loss. Start the HCG diet and watch as your body is transformed. Get ready to lose up to 35 pounds during the first round of HCG and finally take the time to better you!

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What to Expect While on HCG

July 25, 2013

What to Expect While on HCG

The unexpected can be one of the scariest parts about starting a new diet or making any new changes in your life for that matter. This is especially true for the
HCG diet
program. A lot of people are unsure of what the
diet program
entails, how they will feel while on it and what to expect overall. Because we have helped so many people start the HCG diet and lose weight, we can tell you what you can expect while on this life changing diet program!

To begin, let’s run through the basics of the program. HCG stands for Human Chorionis Gonadotropic. HCG is a hormone that is produced in women during pregnancy to convert the woman’s fat to calories for the baby, which speeds up the mother’s
. Even though this hormone is usually found in women, this HCG diet is still also intended for men.

The DreamBody HCG
Diet Program
is always managed by a physician to ensure the patient’s health and safety. You will follow a fat-free diet of 500 calories a day while receiving the HCG injections – this will lead to a 15-35 lb weight loss over the course of 20-40 days. [Quick tip: Always have foods measured out by calories to ensure you stick to the plan.] Additionally, you can expect to feel a bit sluggish at the start of the diet plan which is why we highly suggest supplementing with B-12 injections to boost your energy!

This diet program is unique in the sense that it allows you to
lose the weight fast
. While 500 calories may not seem like a lot, working in conjunction with the HCG injections and
B-12 injections
, you can expect to have energy, lose weight, and feel great!

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HCG Taco-less Shrimp Taco Recipe

June 28, 2013

For those of you who are currently on the HCG diet, or for those of you thinking about starting, listen up! This “Taco-less Shrimp Taco” recipe from will be your savior while on the diet. At 129.6 calories per serving, you’ll be begging for seconds, and luckily, you may be able to have them!

The HCG diet may seem intimidating at first, but with all of the great HCG friendly recipes out there, you will be able to keep within your allotted calories while also enjoying all of the flavors you are used to eating.


(1) Red Ripe Tomato, sliced
(4) Leaves of inner Romaine lettuce (depending on size)
3.5 oz Shrimp
1 tsp Tony Cacheres Cajun Seasoning


Grill shrimp, seasoned with Tony’s seasoning, on George Forman Grill. Take shrimp off of grill. Place tomato slices on grill and sprinkle with Tony’s seasoning. Grill until heated through. While grilling tomato, dice up shrimp. Once tomato is done, spoon the slices onto plate.

Place shrimp and a spoonful of tomatoes into a Romaine lettuce leaf (folding like a taco). Enjoy.

Number of Servings: 1

Click here to view the original recipe

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Are B-12 Injections Used for Weight Loss?

June 11, 2013

Are B-12 Injections Used for Weight Loss

The simple answer to the question “are B-12 injections used for weight loss?” is yes. While they do not physically lead to weight loss, B-12 injections are used for weight loss and are often used in conjunction with a weight loss plan. More often than not, as we diet, our bodies do not get the appropriate amount of vitamins and nutrients. We need those nutrients and vitamins in our bodies to be and feel healthy. This is especially true for patients on the HCG diet plan. Because of this, the doctors at DreamBody Medical Centers highly recommend receiving B-12 injections while on HCG, or any diet plan for that matter.

While on diets such as HCG in which patients can lose up to 35 pounds in just six weeks, our bodies tend to lack the appropriate (and necessary) amount of vitamins and nutrients. This is exactly where B-12 injections come into play.

The B-12 vitamin injections offered at DreamBody Medical Centers tend to work hand-in-hand with your diet and therefore with your weight loss. The doctors at DreamBody help to consult and administer the HCG diet and the modified HCG meal plan to their patients. While on this diet, the doctors recommend B-12 injections for many reasons.

They come with many benefits including increased energy levels, a stronger immune system and an overall improvement to one’s health. Lack of energy is a common complaint by those following serious diet plans. Nobody wants to feel MORE tired while dieting; they want and expect to experience the exact opposite. With the help of B-12 injections, energy levels can be increased so that you no longer feel sluggish or tired while on your diet.

For those of you interested in both B-12 injections and the HCG diet, the modified HCG meal plan is ideal. The doctors at DreamBody have modified the existing HCG diet plan in order to accommodate a higher caloric intake, as well as achieve a 10 to 15 pound weight loss.

B-12 injections do not physically lead to actual weight loss, however they are used to assist in weight loss plans and programs. The doctors at DreamBody Medical Centers highly recommend receiving B-12 injections while following any sort of diet plan, including HCG!

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.