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5 Most Popular Body Areas for Cold Laser Lipo

July 1, 2015
5 Most Popular Body Areas for Cold Laser Lipo

5 Most Popular Body Areas for Cold Laser Lipo

So you’re interested in getting a Lipo procedure? You, like many other people, may be trying to get rid of pesky, stubborn fat that seems to stick around no matter how hard you diet and exercise. Fortunately, Lipo is the solution to that problem area you’ve had for so long.

Although you feel like Lipo is a good choice for you and your body, you probably still have a lot of unanswered questions about the procedure, the recovery, and more.

We love when our patients seek knowledge on procedures they’re looking to undergo. Especially when it’s a procedure that alters the exterior of your body, we believe that the more diligently you research, the better!

There are hundreds of questions you could ask about the Lipo procedure, but some of the most common questions revolve around the most popular areas for Lipo, and how much the procedure costs for different body areas.

DreamBody has successfully executed countless Lipo procedures on any number of areas of the body. However, we have narrowed down our top 5 areas that people seek Lipo for:

1. Abdomen
2. Waist line (love handles)
3. Thighs
4. Upper arms
5. Neckline

Even though these are the most popular for Lipo, don’t feel that this list limits your ability to get this procedure on whatever area you need! We are still able to slim down areas such as your chin, your calves, and your bum!

1. Abdomen

The dreaded belly fat….it’s an area that almost every person has struggled with at one point or another. Fat likes to creep its way into that area and takes a lot of convincing before it decides to get out for good!

The belly area is one of the most difficult places to lose fat from. You can diet and exercise, but unfortunately building muscle and burning fat in that region can be much harder than you initially anticipated.

Even some of the most fit people struggle with belly fat. Especially in the lower abdomen, people really struggle with eliminating that small pocket of flab and often have to resort to Lipo to get rid of it for good!

Many people feel ashamed of having to get Lipo, and a lot of people avoid the process entirely because they feel like they should be embarrassed. Despite this, over 200,000 people received Lipo procedures last year, making it one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the U.S.

So fear not when seeking Lipo—you are in good company with some of the most in shape people out there!

2. Waist line

Love handles are a girl’s worst enemy. Even though some men can suffer from having fat collect in this area as well, females are all too familiar with having a muffin top in this region.

Just like belly fat, losing fat from your waist can be extremely tricky as well. Aside from working out your oblique area, it is difficult to target that specific region to burn fat and lose muscle.

It isn’t difficult to see why so many people get Lipo on this area of their body. Even slim people have extra fat collect around their waist line and are eager to get rid of it.

Popular areas for Liposuction

Popular areas for Liposuction

3. Thighs

The thigh region can be one of the trickiest to lose weight from for both men and women. With lots of diet and exercise, you can generally slim down this area, but it is one of the fattiest regions on your body and can remain flabby—even if you are a workout warrior.

Throughout most of our lives, people complain about not liking the way that their thighs feel or look, and often come in for Lipo in order to feel more confident!

4. Upper Arms

This area of the body is another one that women really struggle with. As women age, our underarm area loses its elasticity and becomes more and more flabby. Diet and exercise can definitely help eliminate a large portion of fat from this area. But sometimes people need that final push that Lipo can give to this part of your body.

5. Neckline

Your neckline is one of the most difficult areas to cover up. Unless you are wearing turtlenecks on a regular basis, this part of your body will almost always be exposed.

Since it is front and center and almost always visible, many people seek Lipo for this area. Again, with aging, your skin tends to lose its elasticity and any weight gain is dramatically more visible than it was when you were younger.

Exercise can’t help much with this region, which leaves Lipo as your best bet to get rid of the excess fat for good!

Different Costs for Different Areas

Before people commit to a Liposuction procedure, they often want to know what it will cost them. Even though it is difficult to give a hard and fast answer without an in-person consultation, there are some easy ways to get a general idea of how much it will cost.

Just like a home renovation, for a lip procedure the larger the area is that you want to take care of, the more expensive it will be. The abdomen area will cost more than your chin and your thighs will cost more than your neckline.

Another variable that will determine the cost of your Lipo will be your BMI, or body mass index. The higher your BMI is, the more fat will need to be removed. Last but not least, some areas of your body are just generally more difficult to perform surgery on, and therefore will cost more money.

In order to get an exact feel for how much your Lipo will cost, come in for a consultation! We’ll give you all the specifics for this weight loss method and have you feeling more comfortable and confident about this decision than ever before!

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Cold Laser Lipo: 5 Success Stories From Patients

May 1, 2015
Cold Laser Lipo: 5 Success Stories From Patients

Cold Laser Lipo: 5 Success Stories From Patients

So you’re thinking about a weight reduction surgery, are you? Most likely since you have been considering a weight reduction procedure you have been inundated with information, sales pitches and discounts but haven’t been able to find the details you truly want to know about a Liposuction procedure.

Maybe you have friends that have recently had a Cold Laser Liposuction procedure done and they have recommended the surgery to you. But you still aren’t completely sure that this weight loss option is right for you. Liposuction is only for extremely overweight people, right? And you aren’t extremely overweight, you are just trying to shed those last 10 to 20 pounds you have been fighting for the past few years.

Chances are, because you have been bombarded with so much information about Liposuction procedures, you have been fed misinformation, like that Lipo is only for extremely overweight people. Fear not! We here at DreamBody are here to set the record straight for you when it comes to this popular (and simple) weight loss procedure.

Instead of dancing around the cold hard facts of Cold Laser Lipo, we want to present you the reality of the process you will go through if you decide to commit to the procedure, and who can you trust more about the results of this procedure than people who have experienced it first hand?

We decided to have a few of our Lipo patients give you some realistic details about their experience with the procedure, in hopes that it paints a better picture of Cold Laser Lipo for you. If you want to find out more about the science behind Cold Laser Lipo, don’t worry, we have that information for you too on our other blog.

Right now, we just want you to focus on finding out what you can expect from DreamBody from your very first phone call, all the way through your follow up appointment.

1. Making you feel comfortable
2. Excellent staff
3. Preparing our patients
4. Follow-up
5. Results!

1. Making You Feel Comfortable

Nothing can be more of a turn off for patients than walking into a doctor’s office feeling like the staff is cold and unwelcoming. When you are making such a big change in your life, we realize how important it is that you are welcomed with open arms from the minute you make your first phone call, all the way to when you walk out the door after your post-op appointment.

Brigido M.

“I was very happy with the initial consultation with the staff at DreamBody. Dr. Budnick and Nurse Shannon were very professional and proficient. They were also very warming in an unfamiliar environment. I received a call from the staff to check up on me within 24 hours of the Lipo procedure. I am very satisfied with my experience!”

2. Excellent Staff

Can you imagine getting a medical procedure done at an office where everyone except for the doctor seems to be uninformed? Even though the front desk clerk won’t be performing your surgery, it’s comforting to know that they are knowledgeable about the procedure and can answer any questions you may have. At DreamBody, we make sure that our front desk clerks, our nurses and our doctors and equally informed about the services we offer to our patients.

We can answer any questions you may have and reassure you about any worries on your mind!

Teresa F.

“I was so impressed with Dr. Budnick and the staff during the whole process surrounding my Lipo treatment, from the initial consultation through the procedure all of my questions were answered. I was sent home with instructions for after care and also received a phone call from the staff to check on me the next day. I am very satisfied with the professionalism and the results.”

3. Preparing Our Patients

Our primary job is to take care of our patients, but we also want our patients to be well informed. If you go home after your surgery and experience difficulties, we want you to be prepared so you can take the proper steps to correct any issues you may be having.

We will give you our phone numbers to contact us any time of the day or night in case you experience pain or complications. Putting you at ease and giving you an additional piece of mind!

Ginny D.

“Everyone at DreamBody was extremely helpful and informative. All of my questions were answered both before the procedure and on the day of. Afterwards, I was sent home with everything I needed for the evening, including an employee’s phone number to call, just in case of an emergency. Overall, I was very satisfied with DreamBody and my entire experience!”

4. Follow-up

Unlike some doctor doctor’s offices, we don’t leave you hanging! We send you home with the necessary tools and ensure that you have a follow-up appointment with us to go over your results and address any concerns or questions you may have.

At DreamBody, your procedure isn’t over when you walk out the door, it’s over when you feel comfortable and satisfied with your results.

John W.

“My first consultation with DreamBody went very well and I am quite satisfied with DreamBody as a whole! During the actual liposuction procedure, I am happy to say that I was very comfortable and appreciated being sent home with the instructions and supplies necessary afterwards.”

5. Results!

What good is all of your diligent research and your commitment to a procedure if you don’t see any results? At DreamBody, we ensure that you get the results that you want and work with you if you are unhappy with your results. Our customers our known for being satisfied with the results they see and we know that you will be too!

Jody C.

“Overall I can see the results I was looking for. Thanks! Maybe I’ll see you next year.”

So now that you heard it directly from the patient’s mouth, what are you waiting for? Your opportunity to take advantage of this highly effective and recommended procedure is right in front of you. Just give us a call!

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The Skinny on Cold Laser Liposuction

December 11, 2014

For years now, everywhere you turn, people are talking about the benefits of liposuction. On TV shows, on the radio and in magazines, people are talking about how much liposuction has changed their lives. Liposuction has always been viewed as the saving grace that is a quick fix to reduce any unwanted fat you may have and it has continued to rise in popularity over the years.

A similar procedure that has more recently been on the rise is that of cold laser liposuction. Even though many people peg it as the new “trendy” form of weight loss, research has proven that a cold laser liposuction procedure is extremely effective as well.

As an alternative to the traditional liposuction procedure, the cold laser has come in and made this popular weight loss treatment that much easier and hassle-free.

Since cold laser is a relatively young method of liposuction, many people still have questions about this particular form of weight loss. People want to know what the differences are between traditional liposuction and cold laser liposuction, what are the risks and benefits, what the science behind the cold laser is and why patients and physicians prefer the cold laser. When it comes down to it, people want to know why they should go out on a limb with this newer form of weight loss, rather than sticking with traditional liposuction.

In these video segments, Dr. Budnick will walk you through the history and the science behind cold laser liposuction in addition to his personal preference of the cold laser over the traditional method of liposuction. By the end of this article, you will no longer believe in the philosophy of “don’t fix what isn’t broken” and you will understand the benefits cold laser liposuction has to offer you!

History and Science of Cold Laser Liposuction

Cold lasers were originally used to repair muscle and ligament tears in naturopathic and homeopathic medicine with physical therapists. Once physicians realized how successful this tool was on a relatively traumatic injury to the body, they thought it would easily transfer into another semi-traumatic form of surgery: liposuction.

Even though liposuction has become such a common procedure that people don’t think much of, it is still a medical surgery that takes a toll on you physically. When you remove large amounts of fat from your body in one sitting, it tends to cause a great deal of inflammation that leaves patients feeling uncomfortable and increases the time needed for recovery.

When physicians use a cold laser instead of a hot laser during liposuction, the inflammation the surgery causes is drastically reduced due to the healing properties that have been scientifically integrated into the cold laser.

The way that the cold laser works is that when applied to the fatty areas, it excites the fat cells and causes them to become very active and mobile, similar to how they would react after running six to ten miles. When these fat cells are vulnerable and excited, it makes the process of pinpointing and removing the cells that much easier for Dr. Budnick. Due to the fact that the cold laser makes the process of removing fat cells so much easier, the procedure is much quicker and less painless than it would be using the traditional form of liposuction.

Preference of the Cold Laser

With how simple and painless the cold laser makes the process of liposuction, it is no wonder why both physicians and patients prefer using it over the traditional hot laser. Some additional reasons why Dr. Budnick prefers the hot laser includes:

1. Healing properties
2. Spans wider area of fat
3. Gives a smoother result

As stated earlier, the use of the cold laser reduces the amount of inflammation that patients are faced with after their procedure. Not only does this allow for better comfort for the patient, but it also reduces their recovery time and allows them to see their results faster.

Additionally, as Dr. Budnick explains in this video, the cold laser is able to span a wider area of fat than the hot laser. When the average person thinks of a laser, they automatically assume that it can span wide distances and can reach from one side of a room to another. However, in the case of hot lasers, it only reaches about 3 millimeters in front of the laser cannula. This makes the liposuction that much more tedious to perform as the physician is having to be very precise and exact as they target the fat.

In addition to making the process more tedious, hot lasers also have a tendency to leave the fatty areas more bumpy and rigid, rather than smooth and even. Because hot lasers only span a distance of 3 millimeters, it is difficult for a physician to use that tool and give their patients a perfectly smooth area. The cold laser is able to more easily span a wider surface area more evenly, providing patients with the results they desire.

Next Steps

Now that you are more informed about the cold laser liposuction procedure, it is time to find out if this method of weight loss is the right choice for you. If this is the first time you have looked into this type of procedure, be sure to explore all of your options before committing to this particular method.

Dreambody has several ways of helping patients lose unwanted fat. Some people prefer B-12 injections or prefer seeking out the HCG diet, while others are ready to commit to liposuction. Not everyone is the proper candidate to receive liposuction, so be sure to know the telltale signs that you are in need of this procedure before seeking it out any further.

If you do believe that you are ready to commit to cold laser liposuction, set up your consultation with Dreambody today! We are conveniently located in the heart of Scottsdale and are able to help answer any other questions that you may have.

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Liposuction 101

October 1, 2014

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a common procedure that is performed for millions of people all across the globe. It is performed a number of different ways with various tools. Because of this, the process of doing research on liposuction can be a bit overwhelming. To make the research process a bit easier, Dr. Budnick from DreamBody Medical Centers in Scottsdale, AZ will walk you through some of the most important aspects of liposuction. These include:

• The process of liposuction

• The best candidates for liposuction

• Expectations for liposuction

• Alternatives to liposuction

Process of Liposuction

The liposuction procedure has been around for approximately 20 years and has gained much ground with patients in the past decade. With how prominent liposuction has become, the technology for this procedure has followed suit, becoming more and more advanced.

As Dr. Budnick explains, the liposuction procedure performed in DreamBody’s office is completely safe for patients. In fact, it is safer for a patient to undergo liposuction procedure while awake, rather than going under and dealing with potential health risks associated with anesthesia.

Unlike many other procedures, liposuction allows you to eat prior to the surgery, and Dr. Budnick encourages patients to do so, to avoid any potential light headedness and nausea that can come from an empty stomach.

As Dr. Budnick indicates, the best candidate for liposuction is someone who can mark the area of fat on their body that they want removed.

Once you come in for your procedure, Dr. Budnick will mark those same areas of fat you are wanting to get rid of. After that, he will treat those areas with a local anesthetic, tumescent.

From there, he will let the tumescent sit in your body for approximately 30 minutes, allowing the anesthetic to numb you. After that process has taken place and the area that will be treated is numbed, Dr. Budnick will use a cold laser to suck out the fat from the marked areas.

This simple, non-invasive procedure provides many benefits for the patients who seek out liposuction. Along with the ability to eat prior to surgery and not having to undergo anesthesia, some of the benefits of DreamBody’s liposuction procedure include:

• Faster recovery process

• Much less downtime

• Safer procedure

• No stitches

• Happier patients

After receiving liposuction in our DreamBody office, you can expect to have a quick recovery time and to see immediate results! Patients are typically able to return to work within one or two days of receiving liposuction, however everyone is different, and each patient may experience slightly different results.

One of the greatest benefits of liposuction includes the instant results patients can expect to see. In addition to this, those results will continue to improve as the swelling from the procedure minimizes.

In-office liposuction is extremely convenient, quick, nearly painless and hassle-free. Why go to the hospital to have a procedure done when you can have the simplicity of liposuction performed in the comfort of our medical office?

You won’t have to sit around in an unfamiliar hospital with unfamiliar people waiting for the procedure to begin. Instead, you’ll be in a familiar office, (the same as when you came in for your consultation!) with the same staff and familiar faces!

Best Candidates for Liposuction

When most people think of candidates for liposuction procedures, they usually think of people who are extremely obese and have struggled with weight problems for years. Even though some of those individuals may be good candidates for extreme liposuction procedures that take place in a hospital, those particular cases are not usually the best candidates for an in-office liposuction procedure that Dr. Budnick provides.

As he states in this video, the best candidates for liposuction are individuals who have a specific area of fat that they would like to get rid of. For example, if someone wants to get rid of a pocket of fat in their belly or they want to have fat removed from their inner thighs, that is something that can easily be done in DreamBody’s office.

If you are overweight and are looking for a quick and easy fix, this type of liposuction may not be best for you.

Expectations for Liposuction

Everybody has the same image in their mind: as soon as you get liposuction, you immediately have your perfect body that somehow makes you look 20 years younger than you were prior to the procedure. Even though liposuction provides amazing results for patients, it is not always realistic to think that you will leave the office with an entirely new body.

As Dr. Budnick explains, depending on the reasoning for an individual’s choice to get liposuction, he may or may not want to remove a tremendous amount of fat. If someone wants to be able to wear a bikini the next week, he can’t remove as much fat as he would if someone simply wants to go lose a few inches from their waist.

The reality of liposuction is that once you remove fat, you are essentially just left with muscle. Even though that is the result most patient’s want, they fail to realize that muscle tends to be a bit bumpy, as where fat is usually smooth. When someone has a pocket of fat removed from their stomach or legs, that area will usually be left with a bumpy area since all the smooth fat has been removed.

Alternatives to Liposuction

Liposuction is a quick and easy fix to get rid of a specific area of fat that has been bugging you for a long period of time. However, it is not a conclusion that you immediately want to jump to. If you haven’t tried to consistently diet and exercise, that is your first and best option to try. Even though it is a slower process, the age-old solution of diet and exercise is usually the best.

Many problems that people run into as they get older is that it becomes easier to put weight on but becomes more and more difficult to get it off. Most men and women who have reached their 40’s and 50’s know all too well that with their natural change in hormone levels, comes change in weight and energy. Before you automatically choose liposuction as your saving grace, think about the option of hormone therapy.

DreamBody provides hormone replacement therapy for both men and women and have seen drastic improvements in health and energy levels by simply supplying someone with more estrogen or testosterone.

The Next Step

Now that you know all of the crucial information about the liposuction procedure, take the next step and set up a consultation to see what this procedure has to offer you!

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Top 3 Reasons to Get Liposuction

February 12, 2014

Three reasons to get cold laser liposuction

No matter whom you ask and how many times you ask, you’ll always hear a multitude of reasons for receiving Liposuction. The same goes for losing weight! Whether you are setting a goal for yourself, making a New Year’s resolution or wanting to be the healthiest you can be, Cold Laser Liposuction can help. At DreamBody, we like to advise our patients in as many ways as we can and listening to and understanding their reasons for certain treatments allows us to do just that. While there are many different reasons, the top 3 reasons for receiving Cold Laser Liposuction include:

1. Lose the baby weight

Whether you have just had a baby or have been trying to lose that extra baby weight for the past few months or even years, Liposuction can certainly help you out. Baby weight is one of the most popular reasons to receive Cold Laser Liposuction. It helps patients to remove that extra weight that they can’t seem to work off. Between lipo, diet and exercise, you can be back to your pre-baby-body in no time!

2. Improve your health

Being overweight, whether by 5 pounds or 50 pounds, is unhealthy. Being overweight is extremely common in today’s world and unfortunately for many; once you become overweight it’s hard to turn back. Losing those first few pounds are often doable, however the next ten or so can become a huge challenge. Unlike other forms of dieting, Cold Laser Liposuction is a long-term solution to your weight-loss challenges. If you follow the post op treatment plan, long-term results will be expected.

3. Improve self confidence

For some, looking in the mirror can cause pain and anguish. If you don’t like what you see, chances are it is affecting your mood in a negative way. Some people choose to have Liposuction for others, while many choose to have it for themselves. Since it alters your appearance and your body, doing it for you is one of the best reasons we can think of. If losing 15-20 pounds in your stomach through the Cold Laser Liposuction treatment will make you feel better about yourself, then why not go through with it?!

Getting rid of that extra baby weight, improving your overall health and boosting your confidence are three of the most popular reasons for people to get Liposuction! Whether you want it for one these three reasons or another reason entirely is completely up to you! Schedule your consultation here to learn how Cold Laser Liposuction can have a positive effect on you and your body.

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DreamBody Nominated for Best Day Spa & Best Alternative Spa Treatment by AZ Foothills Magazine

October 28, 2013

AZ Foothills Best Of Banner

DreamBody Medical Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona wants to provide you with the best lifestyle transformation services in the Valley. To do so, DreamBody uses alternative and personalized techniques to ensure that your flabs, wrinkles, and aging signs are a thing of the past… and that they don’t make special appearances in your near future.

DreamBody Medical Centers provides a variety of distinct offerings from prolotherapy,B-12 injections, pain management, HCG Diet, fillers, cold laser liposuction, IV Vitamin & Mineral Therapy, Botox, and more. Since our patients are all different, and so are our treatments, we are happy to consult you through the journey from treatment to recovery. By visiting our interactive services page, you can explore the treatment options applicable to your problem areas and decide which treatments are right for you.

Our lifestyle transformation services have distinguished us from any other medical center in the state. Dr. Paul Budnick has enriched the anti-aging and weight management industry in Arizona, and this has been recognized by Arizona Foothills Magazine with nominations for Best Day Spa and Best Alternative Spa Treatment.

By clicking on these two links, you can vote for DreamBody Medical Centers, once per day, to be recognized as the Best of Our Valley. Voting will continue through November 30, so you have all month to help us gain the top vote by voting every day! We deeply appreciate the loyal customers that we have acquired over the years and look forward to serving the greater Phoenix area with beauty excellence for many years to come.

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DreamBody Medical Centers vs. Hospitals: What is the Difference?

October 28, 2013

Medical Center vs. Hostpial

The hospital can be a frightening place; it can be cold and gloomy and often remind people of things they don’t want to be reminded of. Are you interested in a Weight-Loss Treatment or an Age Management procedure, but don’t want to be involved in multiple, lengthy, hospital procedures and visits? At DreamBody Medical Centers, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, you can receive a specialized approach to liposuction and advanced age management treatments in the Valley without the stressful feelings that arise with these hospital visits. Each staff member at DreamBody Medical Centers is dedicated to helping patients achieve their lifestyle goals with a personalized treatment plan.

While working in hospitals, Dr. Paul Budnick, founder of DreamBody Medical Centers, discovered that prescription drugs were often the source of health problems. He had seen doctors prescribing drugs to treat the symptoms of another drug that a patient was already taking and realized that there had to be a more effective alternative to this problem-focused practice. He is dedicated to preventative treatments that focus on transforming patients’ lifestyles rather than patching problems with more medication.

At DreamBody Medical Centers, we get to know every patient as if they are a family member or friend. Unlike a cold hospital, we are decorated to make you feel comfortable. Nurses and doctors at DreamBody are both available for questions or concerns whenever you are at our office.

Our medical center ensures that you don’t worry about the recovery process. Many of our procedures, such as cold laser liposuction, allow patients to go to work the very next day. Each recovery differs treatment to treatment, as well as patient to patient, but our minimally invasive procedures, performed in-office, will not take away from your busy schedule. DreamBody emphasizes recovery over hiding symptoms, and our professionals will happily walk with you from your initial consultation, all the way through the end of your recovery process. This focus and expertise are what separates our medical clinic from any hospital.

Healthy medicines are the focus of DreamBody Medical Center. Whether you need supplements, bio-identical hormones, or liposuction, our specialists will guide you through the entire process and tailor treatments to each of your individual needs. Book your consultation today, and see how our medical center can alleviate any pain, weight, health, or age issues that can’t be cured by a simple prescription service.

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Different Area, Different Liposuction Cost

October 17, 2013

Different Area Different Cost of Liposuction

Different area, different cost…right? Right! When it comes to cold laser liposuction and all forms of liposuction for that matter, the cost is typically determined by a few key factors, body area being one of them.

By far, one of the most common questions about liposuction that we receive from patients is about the procedure’s cost. While there is no straightforward answer to this question, there are ways to better determine how much it may cost for you. To find out that number, we look at the area or areas in which you want to have treated and then begin to look into how long and how in depth the procedure is likely to be.

A main factor in cost of your liposuction procedure will depend on your BMI or body mass index. BMI is calculated mainly by your weight and height. Not everyone’s bodies are the same, and because of this, the size of a body part is determined by the mathematical calculation. Some abdomen areas may be larger than some thigh areas, which can play into how much an area will cost.

Also, some areas are more difficult or take longer to perform liposuction on, making that specific procedure more costly than others.

Some areas are typically smaller than others. For instance, the chin is a smaller and therefore less expensive area than say, the abdomen. It is also vital to keep in mind that everyone has a different body and some may have larger thighs while others may have larger upper arms. This is why we require a consultation prior to scheduling any type of procedure. No two bodies are the same, so no two liposuction procedures are ever identical. At DreamBody, we want to ensure that each patient is completely prepared and aware of what to expect prior to receiving cold laser liposuction.

For more information on how costing for liposuction goes, you may want to read our related article called: What Determines How Much Liposuction Costs? or call 480.292.1110 to book your consultation today.

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Frustrated With Thighs? Cold Laser Liposuction Can Help

October 10, 2013

Lose Weight in Your Thighs with Liposuction

If you’re like many others, your thighs are one weight-loss problem area that never seems to fade away. Have your thighs been a source of frustration, no matter the time and effort that you invest in the gym? DreamBody Medical Centers in Scottsdale, AZ can relieve your stress with the help of cold laser liposuction. This minimally invasive and nearly painless procedure can transform your thighs without hindering your normal routine.

We get it; the word ‘liposuction’ can sound daunting and dangerous, but this procedure is easier than you could imagine. DreamBody Medical Center’s advanced cold laser liposuction procedure is so pain-free that many patients return to work the day after, depending on the area treated. This is possible because the microscopic incision made to dissolve fat in unwanted areas heals within days. For once, you will be able to see weight loss results without the stress or the struggle.

DreamBody ensures that you are cared for through every step of the process. Only local anesthesia is utilized, and procedures are performed right in office at the DreamBody Medical Center, so you can walk out of the office the very same day with slimmer thighs and a new confidence.

DreamBody Specialists can remove up to 70% of the fat in your thigh area. And once DreamBody removes the fat cells in your thighs, these cells can never grow back. You can finally achieve the “thigh gap” that you have dreamed of with the help of our DreamBody doctors. Thanks to the friendly procedure, you can be back into the gym in no time—this time with a new attitude.

End your struggle with stubborn thighs and seek a transformation. With DreamBody’s cold laser liposuction, you can start fresh and see results from the very beginning. Book your consultation today! Our doctors love to help you through each and every step of the process.

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Cold Laser Liposuction: Where the Fat REALLY Goes

September 25, 2013


We have all heard of laser liposuction and how it can transform your body, but have you ever wondered where the fat really goes?

Here at DreamBody Medical Centers, we proudly offer the most advanced form of Cold Laser Liposuction to our patients. This form of liposuction is so advanced and so safe, it is actually minimally invasive, meaning it can safely and easily be performed right in our office without general anesthesia. This cuts the entire liposuction process down in time, including procedure and recovery time.

So, where does the fat really go?

The scientific answer: The cool laser is used externally on the patient’s body prior to the procedure in order to soften the fat cells and allow them to release the lipids that are trapped inside. This makes the removal of the fat much easier, providing more even and smooth results when the doctor removes the fat cells.

Now for the simplified answer: The doctor takes the cool laser externally to your body so that the fat cells in the area being treated are softened. Softening the fat cells in advance makes it so that the doctor can remove those fat cells much easier, and much more smoothly. The fat cells are then liposuctioned out.

Once the fat is suctioned out of your body, those fat cells are gone forever. There are a number of liposuction myths circling the web, but the reality is that once you have those fat cells suctioned out through the process of Cold Laser Liposuction, those fat cells can never return.

This is not to say that new fat cells cannot form in the area(s) treated, but if you were to gain weight back, it would be more proportional to your body, and not to the same extent that once existed.

Cold Laser Liposuction shows immediate results, making it one of the most popular weight-loss treatments on the market. While this treatment is minimally invasive, you can still expect to have some minor bruising and swelling after the procedure, though as the swelling diminishes, you will quickly see the results unfold.

* Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.