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5 Ways to Remedy Joint and Muscle Pain

June 1, 2015
5 Ways to Remedy Joint and Muscle Pain

5 Ways to Remedy Joint and Muscle Pain

You work hard multiple times a week, every week, to get your body in tip-top shape. You run, hike, bicycle, swim, or maybe work out at your local gym. Whatever you do for exercise, you are taking the time to care for your body and ensure your health is at its best for the long haul.

So when you start having grueling joint and muscle pain, you feel frustrated that you are essentially being punished for all of your hard work. You are trying hard to take care of your body, so why are you feeling penalized for it?

Joint and muscle pain is a common issue for athletes and workout aficionados of all ages. Regardless of how well you stretch and prep your body for workouts, sometimes it isn’t enough to stop aches and pains from bothering you.

Sometimes pain is a necessary evil for exercise, but there are plenty of ways that you can soothe these aches and get back to your workout routines fast. In this article, we got the scoop from local fitness studios about what they do to repair their sore or damaged muscles. So be ready to take notes while you read from the experts!

Some ways to soothe your joint pain include:

1. Eating right
2. Ice therapy
3. Stretching
4. Massages
5. Prolotherapy

Before you try any of these methods for your pain, be sure that you know exactly what is causing your pain. There are countless types of pains that occur in various areas of your body. A shin splint should not be treated the same as a muscle spasm, so take the time to properly diagnose the area of pain and what may be causing it.

1. Eating Right

Like many other health and lifestyle problems that people experience, nutrition is at the base of joint and muscle pain. Eating healthy can benefit the body in various ways, however something that the average runner may not know is that there are specific foods you can eat to help your body recover faster after a workout.

Brittny Golding is the program director for The Madison Improvement Club’s Tempe location. After she finishes a spin class, she recommends eating foods rich in protein to improve muscle recovery and growth.

Protein-rich foods contain vitamins that are natural remedies for pain and can also help prevent future injuries from occurring. Find out more about which types of food can help sooth your joint pain.

2. Ice Therapy

For people who don’t enjoy the cold, the feeling of ice against your body is not something that you look forward to. However, ice is another natural at-home remedy that can help ease pain you may be experiencing from your workouts.
Cold temperatures help reduce blood flow which prevents inflammation. By lessening your chances of inflammation and/or swelling, this method can be a fast way to get rid of pain in your joints and muscles.

The most common way for people to use ice therapy is by placing an icepack on the area they are experiencing inflammation. The rule of thumb is to place the icepack on the area for 20 minutes, and then take the icepack off of your body for 20 minutes. This alternation of 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, allows your body to receive the benefits of ice therapy without damaging your skin or muscles from extended direct contact with extreme coldness.

If the pain you are experiencing is hitting your body in several areas from head to toe, an ice bath might be the best option for you. Ice baths are something that athletes regularly participate in and is proven to help repair and build muscles to prevent them from being injured in the future.

If you are new to the concept of ice baths, be sure you know the proper precautions to take before diving in head first. If you have a bathtub in your home, fill the tub with cold water. The temperature of the water should be around 54 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so place however much ice is necessary into the cold water to get a temperature within the recommended range.

For the first few times you partake in an ice bath, feel free to keep the temperature a bit warmer and then progressively make the water colder with each ice bath you take. This will give your body a chance to become acclimated to lower temperatures.

Ice baths should be no longer than 6 to 8 minutes. It doesn’t take long for the cold to span throughout your entire body, and overexposing yourself will do more harm than good. If your bathtub has jets, do not use them during an ice bath. The effect of the jets actually make the bath water colder and could potentially diminish its effects.

Last but not least, avoid jumping directly in a hot shower after you take an ice bath. The jump from one extreme to another is never a good thing for your body. To receive the most benefits, allow yourself some time to warm up on your own after getting out of the ice bath.

3. Stretching

Stretching your body out on a regular basis is something that many exercise junkies are familiar with. If you do nothing else to help prevent your muscles from being injured, stretching is the one thing you should be doing every day.

Golding says that after she wraps up a spin class at The Madison, she takes to her mat for a little bit of yoga. The two poses she recommends for a post-cycling stretch are hip openers. Try spending some time in pigeon pose and figure four pose to really feel your hips open up and stretch out.

4. Massages

Looking for a valid excuse to indulge in a massage? We’ve got you covered! Even though this may seem like an elaborate way to remedy joint and muscle pain, there is truly nothing else that will leave your body feeling better. A regular massage will do the trick for your aches and discomfort, but a high performance or athletic massage will be even better for you. Deep tissue massages are like an intense form of stretching. All of the lactic acid will be worked out of your muscle tissues and you will feel like a brand new person.

If you are on a budget and can’t spare the money to hire a masseuse, foam rollers are a great alternative. These easy, at-home tools give your muscles a deep tissue massage for a fraction of the cost of a professional massage.

5. Prolotherapy

If you have searched high and low for something to relieve your pain and still haven’t found success, sometimes a medical alternative is the only option left. Prolotherapy is a quick, easy and effective fix for your chronic pain due to injury.

This form of injection therapy requires little time spent in the doctor’s office and can have you getting back to your exercise routine in no time, pain free! Find out more about the specifics of this procedure and then give us a call to book your consultation!

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Top 5 Low Impact Workouts

March 2, 2015
Top 5 Low Impact Workouts

Top 5 Low Impact Workouts

When you want to get in shape or lose weight, you tend to have one thing on the mind: working out. You want to burn calories, build strength and trim down some of the stubborn fat on your body. Even though it’s great you are wanting to get out and exercise more, there is more you need to consider when it comes to choosing a workout routine.

Most people make the mistake of thinking “any workout is a good workout” and in some senses that is true. But unfortunately, there can be some negative aspects that go along with particular forms of exercising. For people who do not work out regularly, the idea of high impact exercise may not seem all that threatening. So what if you go for a run a few times a week? That surely can’t cause enough repercussions to make running “bad” for you, right?

High impact workouts such as running, jumping rope or doing plyometrics, can yield wonderful cardiovascular benefits for you and can help you lose weight and get in shape. But unfortunately, your joints can take a major beating when it comes to those calorie burning activities. When you continuously take part in high impact exercises, your body can pay the price years later when the need for knee or hip replacements come into play.

This bit of information is in no way meant to keep you from never running again. Running can be great in so many ways! We simply are suggesting you use alternative methods to burn calories that will be much easier on your body and will keep you healthier in the long run.

Low impact workouts cannot only be a great way to lose weight, but they are a fun alternative to a boring treadmill routine. Some of the benefits of low impact workouts include:

• Keeps joints healthy
• Increases the opportunity to work out more areas of your body
• Decreases the feeling of pain after a workout

When you participate in low impact workouts, the benefits are almost endless. You won’t have to worry about getting knee replacements when you’re older and you will have the option to do more for your body, like increase your flexibility and strength while also feeling less pain after you work out.

With all those benefits, it’s difficult to refute the logic behind some of these exercise routines. So why not switch it up this week and try one of these fun exercise alternatives instead?

1. Elliptical
2. Cycling
3. Rowing
4. Yoga
5. Swimming

1. Elliptical

If you are the type of person that enjoys working out in a gym environment, there are several great options for you when it comes to low impact exercises. The elliptical is one of the best choices in this scenario as it combines the benefits of cycling and the treadmill, but completely eliminates impact on your joints. The elliptical is a great way to get your heart rate up and allows you to smoothly sail through your daily calorie burning.

2. Cycling

Whether you prefer to work out indoors or outdoors, cycling is a great option for you. Riding your bike gives you the opportunity to get your heart rate up while really working out your leg muscles as well. A great option that comes along with biking is the ability to increase or decrease your intensity. If you are cycling indoors, you can turn up the intensity on your machine, allowing you to work out your leg muscles even more.

If you are cycling outdoors, you have the great opportunity to challenge yourself every time you go up and down a hill. Not to mention you will get to see some beautiful scenery along the way! If you prefer to workout in group settings, cycling classes are the perfect solution for you! These high intensity, fun and energizing classes allow you to burn even more calories while being pushed to your limit by your cycling instructor.

3. Rowing

Rowing is one of those exercises that doesn’t tend to cross people’s minds, but is one of the more challenging workouts you can choose. A lot of gyms have rowing type of machines available for you to use, but the best way to execute this workout is by doing the real thing. If you live near a lake, chances are they will have rowing classes/teams available. This group setting allows you to get outside and enjoy your workout with other people. You will get your heart rate up while drastically increasing your upper body and core strength.

4. Yoga

If you could use a bit more Zen in your life, yoga is a great low impact alternative workout. Depending on what you want to focus on the most when exercising, there are several different options when it comes to picking the right type of yoga for you. Traditional yoga takes place in a room temperature studio and guides you through postures and flows that increase your strength and flexibility.

If you want to incorporate more cardio into your yoga, Bikram or any other type of hot yoga is the perfect solution. These rooms are usually kept at temperatures around 105 degrees and allows you to sweat it out and get your heart rate up, while practicing traditional yoga postures and flows.

Yoga is a great option because regardless of which type you choose, by consistency practicing it you will strengthen muscles across your entire body while also mastering the art of flexibility, all while minimizing the impact on your joints.

5. Swimming

When it comes to low impact workouts, swimming may just take the cake. The impact on your body during swimming is practically zero, but with how intense swimming can be, you really burn calories by getting your heart rate up. Additionally, you work muscles all across your body and can focus on particular muscle areas by changing up your stroke. Swimming is perfect year round as many gyms and fitness clubs have indoor pools, but swimming outside during the summer can be a pretty satisfying workout as well.

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What is Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) and is it right for me?

September 10, 2014

Causes of Severe Muscle and Joint Pain

In a culture where everyone is trying their hardest to stay in shape and constantly be at the top of their physical peak, having to constantly deal with tedious and painful sport and exercise injuries is a setback no one wants to face. Working out should be a rewarding process with unlimited benefits, so why suffer through so much pain for working so hard?

Traditional methods of dealing with pain:

When individuals suffer from pain caused by sport or exercise injuries, most people’s immediate reaction is to hit their nearest drug store and subdue their pain with over the counter products such as Advil or Tylenol. Others may try getting massages regularly or perhaps purchase new workout equipment that alleviates stress on joints. Even though many of these remedies produce temporary results for pain relief, many people overlook the simplest and most effective way to get rid of the pain.

Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) also known as Adult Stem Cell Prolotherapy, is a service that DreamBody offers that produces long lasting relief from recurring pain due to sports injuries. It is a method of treatment that has proven to be effective since 1995 and is one of the safest and quickest answers to your long term pain problems.

Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT)/ Prolotherapy

Adult Stem Cell Prolotherapy is a treatment that can relieve you of pain through the use of its ground-breaking technology. This type of treatment goes by several different names, but they all refer to the same process. Some of these names include:

• Adult Stem Cell Prolotherapy
• Regenerative Injection Treatment

How this process works consists of the doctors at DreamBody extracting Mesenchymal Stem Cells from your body and relocating them to the inflamed or damaged muscular tissue that has been causing you pain. These brilliant little cells are instantly able to target the damaged cells in your tissues and ligaments and quickly repair them, restoring them virtually back to 100 percent.

Since life in Arizona involves so much outdoor activity, many Arizonans suffer from this type of pain from doing every day exercises. Some of the most common causes of constant and severe muscle and joint pains include:

• Sport Injuries
• Muscle or ligament tears
• Hiking
• Running
• High impact exercises

Even though exercise is the primary cause of this type of pain, genetics as well as aging can cause an individual to seek RIT. Everyone’s cartilage and muscle tissues breakdown at different rates. Some people with certain genetics simply have tissue that does not stand the test of time in the same way that other people’s tissue might, therefore causing severe pain at early ages.

Aging also leads to the breakdown of cartilage and tissue, and might cause someone to seek Prolotherapy. The primary cause of elderly individuals seeking RIT include:

• Osteoarthritis
• Pain after knee replacement
• Pain after hip replacement

When elderly people undergo any of the medical issues listed above, it is inevitably followed by extreme pain that makes something as simple as walking a grueling undertaking. Many people who suffer from these painful issues may seek out chiropractic treatment, cortisone injections or Prolotherapy. However, if you have exhausted every possible option of ending this pain and nothing has given you relief, RIT will be able to end your discomfort permanently.

Due to the fact that so many of these causes are a part of our everyday life, there is no excuse for letting the pain stop you from enjoying the outdoors and keeping yourself healthy. By consulting the doctor’s at DreamBody, you will be one step closer to nipping this pain in the bud for good.

Why Choose Prolotherapy

Even though joint and muscle pain are common occurrences for many people, this pain may not always derive form the activities that are necessary for Prolotherapy treatments. Many people can alleviate their aches and pains by resorting to simple solutions such as stretching more often and switching to sturdier shoes that provide more support during physical activity.

Below are some of the questions you should ask yourself prior to deciding on RIT:

• Do I have common and severe joint or muscle pain?
• Is the pain keeping me from doing the things I love?
• Did this pain derive from an injury?
• Do I want to get rid of this pain quickly and permanently?

Your responses to these questions should help you navigate yourself to landing on the proper decision for you and your body. Even though Prolotherapy is a wonderful treatment for those who need it, a doctor would never recommend undergoing treatment for something that isn’t necessary.

How Prolotherapy Works

This non-invasive and quick treatment is something that we are proud to offer and receive constant positive feedback for. During the procedure, natural substances are injected directly into the damaged musculoskeletal tissues in order to trigger the production of growth factors. This launches a controlled inflammation that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism to lay down new, strong collagen fibers and cells. Any joint or muscle can be treated with Prolotherapy and the process is the same regardless of what part of your body you want to target.

Once you decide to take the first step in receiving your initial Prolotherapy treatment, you will see results in as little as two weeks. This treatment requires most patients to receive anywhere from two to six separate Regenerative Injection Therapy treatments and doctors recommend that they be spaced approximately three weeks apart.

Even though this may seem like a long-term commitment, DreamBody’s convenient Scottsdale location makes the process that much easier to assist you in getting to a pain free lifestyle.

The Benefits

Once you go through the process of receiving your Prolotherapy treatments, you will never look back. Since this form of treatment has been approved by the FDA since 1995, many people have received this form of treatment with long lasting, positive results. You will be able to go about your life and participate in the activities that you love and keep you healthy. Even though the use of Stem Cells is a topic many individuals are still unsure of, with the usage of this particular form of Stem Cell replacement for nearly 20 years, we ensure our patients that this method of treatment is safe and beneficial for your health.

However, if you still aren’t sold on the idea of RIT, we encourage you to do some research for yourself! The FDA and provide useful information for anyone who wants to know more about the Adult Stem Cell process and what some of the pros and cons may be.

How to Get Started

After taking the proper steps to insure the Adult Stem Cell Prolotherapy is right for you, call DreamBody Medical Centers or go online to set up a consultation with one of our doctors. When they meet with you, they will discuss your symptoms and walk you through the process of pursuing this kind of treatment.

Adult Stem Cell Prolotherapy, Pain Management

Foods that Help Soothe Muscle Soreness

August 21, 2014

Fresh raspberries

Don’t allow joint pain or muscle soreness to stop you from participating in an active lifestyle. If you’re an athlete who enjoys all sports, or loves a hard workout at the gym, you should know that muscle soreness comes with the territory. This common nuisance is what causes many people to discontinue exercising or participating in sports. After waking up the next day to aches and pains, people try to mask the discomfort with over-the-counter medication that can have little to no affect. Well it’s time to put the pain medicine down and speed up your recovery after a tough workout, with food!

Consuming food enriched with protein and antioxidants reduces soreness and promotes your active lifestyle. These types of food not only aid in a faster recovery time, but help you lose weight faster by eating a healthier diet. What can be better than that? So let’s take a look at these miracle foods so you can start soothing muscle soreness today!

Read this month’s healthy recipe on how to prepare an open-faced prosciutto and plum sandwich for yourself on the DreamBody blog.

Repair Muscle with Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for anyone who is involved in an active lifestyle. Consuming the appropriate amount of protein after an intense workout helps soothe soreness in your body and heal damaged muscle fibers. Protein comes in a variety of forms because everyone exercises for a different reason. While some people want to build a large amount of muscle fast, their protein intake exceeds others who take it simply for muscle recovery. You can find out just how much protein you should consume depending on your lifestyle goal. Just enter your bodyweight into this protein calculator, and let the professionals from tell you the recommended amount of protein to take daily.

Consuming a post workout meal is very important—whether you’re hungry or not. So make sure your meal contains a high amount of protein so your body can build muscle and reduce soreness. The quicker you eat your post workout meal, the better. The recommended time to consume protein after a workout is 30 to 45 minutes. So take your time to find a meal packed with protein that you and your body will enjoy.

Foods Containing Protein

So what are these miracle foods we are talking about, full of protein to help sooth sore muscles? Here is a list of foods that you can sink your teeth into post workout!


Turkey Breast
Chicken Breast


Cottage Cheese
Yogurt (low fat)
Skim milk
Whole milk

Fruits and Vegetables

Green Beans

Sticking to this list as a guide to prepare your post workout meal is a great first step to help soothe sore muscles and aid in a faster recovery. Find out if required supplements are missing from your diet and why you need them by reading the Why Are Supplements Becoming Necessary for Healthy Living? DreamBody article.

Reduce Muscle Damage with Antioxidants

Antioxidant-rich fruits significantly reduce muscle damage caused by exercise, which ultimately decreases the amount of soreness you may experience after a workout. Antioxidants have various anti-inflammatory compounds that help remove waste throughout the body. By removing waste produced during a workout, your body can repair tissue more effectively. Didn’t know fruit had more benefits than a decent dose of Vitamin D, did you? Well antioxidant fruit also increases a person’s metabolism enabling you to lose fat faster!

Antioxidant-rich Fruits

The key to consuming these fruits is to eat their concentrated form, especially on days you work out. Here are a list of fruit classified as antioxidants and can supply you with all the nutrition you need to repair muscle damage and smooth muscle soreness.


Wild Blueberries

Other Fruits


Tip: Enjoy fruit dried or frozen while paying close attention to portion sizes and added sugar.

Eliminate Joint Pain Permanently with Prolotherapy

Whether the pain occurs from an intense workout or old age, our bodies sometimes have a difficult time healing damaged joints or muscles. Prolotherapy, also known as Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT), helps stimulate the body’s natural healing methods to improve troubling aches and pains. The doctors at DreamBody are trained professionals on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and unmanipulated Adult Stem Cell Prolotherapy. With the help of these two alternatives for surgery and pain medication, you can be back on your feet enjoying the active lifestyle you have learned to love!

How Does Prolotherapy Work?

Prolotherapy is done by injecting natural substances directly into the damaged tissue to increase the production of growth factors. The injection stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism to lay down new, strong collagen fibers and cells by triggering a controlled inflammation in the body. Prolotherapy is a non-invasive procedure and can be treated on any joint or muscle group that may be causing you pain.

Patients typically notice an improvement in muscle function and pain reduction in as little as two weeks, post treatment. Most people return for two to six regenerative injection treatments to achieve their desired results every three to six weeks. Our office is located in Scottsdale, making your future visits back to the office easy and convenient. Want more information? Read our Prolotherapy 101: An Introductory Guide for more of an in depth explanation on this treatment and find out if it is right for you.

In The End

Don’t settle with muscle soreness or joint pain, control it! Whether you soothe your muscle pain by eating protein, indulging in antioxidant-rich berries, or prefer to eliminate pain with prolotherapy, you can be on your way to enjoying the activities you love to do pain-free! Book a consultation today and see how DreamBody can help manage your pain permanently with prolotherapy!

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What May Be Causing My Pain?

February 20, 2014

What Is Causing My Paind

Don’t find yourself masking your pain with temporary over-the-counter medicine. Let’s take care of the problem! How you may ask, through Prolotherapy of course! DreamBody has a specialized team whose life revolves around helping people manage their pain, no matter how big or how small. If you don’t know the cause of your pain, we can sure find it. No, unlike many other health institutions we don’t do a lot of different injections and “poking around” to find the area of pain. Our extensive testing uses the levels of your hormones to find an answer. You can thank us later.

Why suffer through restless nights, daily doses of medicine, and increased frustration when DreamBody offers an easy way to help? You may not notice the seriousness that changing or limiting your life because of pain can cause. If you do, we have great news. You are not alone! People today of all ages experience joint and muscle pain, and think the only way through it is surgery or serious medication. If those were the answers, our job of getting you to return to your everyday life after pain management would be just a fairytale.

Determining the severity of a joint or muscle pain has numerous benefits when looking at the big picture. By not correcting the problem now, it could lead to future physical and emotional consequences.

Time to introduce you to Prolotherapy.

A treatment designed to help prevent surgeries and chronic use of pain killers. The treatment is used as injection therapy, directly aimed into the injured joint or muscle on the body. Once injected it triggers a controlled inflammation, stimulating the body’s natural healing methods. By doing so, the healing mechanisms lay new, strong collagen fibers in its place. That’s right, no knives, cuts, or bruising!

Let’s forget about Prolotherapy for a minute and say you have less of a pain discomfort. After consultation, some pain can be cured by changing your diet or taking the correct amount of vitamins and supplements. Whatever it may be, here at DreamBody we don’t do anything as easy as write a prescription. We find the cause and cure using the correct pain management techniques performed by our professional doctors. Sound like a dream? Well wake up and book your Prolotherapy consultation today!

Pain Management

How to Get Rid of a Migraine

January 7, 2014

How to Get Rid of a Migraine
Are you an unfortunate victim of migraines? There are a lot of things that factor into who has migraines and who doesn’t. One of the biggest causes of migraines is gender. Migraines predominately occur in women. Why you ask? Because of hormones.

It may seem simple but balancing out your hormones can potentially cure you of your migraines. One way to do this is with the use of progesterone cream.

For front migraines:

– Apply the cream to your temples

For occipital lobe migraines:

– Apply the cream to your neck

One thing most people don’t know is what our hormones actually do. They know that we have them and that men have different types of hormones than women, but knowing what these hormones actually do is what allows us to heal certain things. Estrogen makes you retain fluid. This can result in nicer skin, while at the same time causing bloating, resulting in larger boobs and a bigger butt. Progesterone is a diuretic, also known as a “water pill”.

My Suggestions

– Co (coenzyme) Q 10, 100 mg twice a day
– Magnesium Supplements, 500 mg once a day
– Eliminate processed foods from your diet
– Progesterone cream

If migraines are a regular problem for you, don’t let them ruin your day. Instead, come on in and see me. I’ll help you get to the root of the problem and figure out the best solution for you! To schedule a consultation, visit our website.

By Dr. Budnick

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Top 3 Hiking Spots In and Around Scottsdale

December 20, 2013

Whether you live in Scottsdale or a surrounding city, are visiting for the weekend, or the season, hiking is probably a weekly occurrence, especially this time of the year. But with so many trails and mountains in the Valley of the Sun, how is anyone supposed to pick and choose where to hike each weekend? Below are three of our favorite
hiking trails in and near Scottsdale.

1. Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain
is definitely one of the most popular hiking spots in all of Phoenix. Named after its obvious “camel back” shape, the camel’s back can literally be seen from miles away, making it a true icon for the state of Arizona!

There are two main trails on the mountain; Echo Trail and Cholla Trail. The Echo Trail is considered by most to be the more difficult of the two. It requires quite a bit more rock-climbing than the Cholla Trail. Both trails are tough in their own right, but the end view is definitely worth the struggle.

2. McDowell Sonoran Preserve

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve
is home to 120 miles of non-motorized and multi-use trails, making it a favorite for many Arizona natives. There are a total of 8 trailheads, giving hikers a wide variety and ability to change up their hikes on a regular basis.

3. Pinnacle Peak Park

Pinnacle Peak Park
reaches 2,889 feet at its highest point on the trail. There is only one trailhead at Pinnacle Peak Park, which can be too limiting for some. However, the trail reaches a total of 1.75 miles each way. Note that this trail is not a loop, so hikers often hike all the way to the end, and then head back, allowing them to pass quite a few stopping points such as Owl’s Rest along the way.

Camelback Mountain, McDowell Sonoran Preserve and Pinnacle Peak Park are our top three choices when it comes to hiking in and around the Scottsdale area. Be sure to check them out next time you decide to take in all that our state has to offer!

Here in Arizona, hiking is something that most residents and visitors do on a more than regular basis. Unfortunately, with hiking often comes knee and ankle problems; especially for those older hikers. Luckily, with Prolotherapy, you can heal the pain without having to go through surgery. For more information on Prolotherapy and how it works, call us at 480-907-3917 or contact us here.

Pain Management

Gastrointestinal Issues Straight from the Doctor: Part 1

November 2, 2013


Has your child ever come home with a bad stomach ache, only for you to later on find out that he or she was getting picked on at school? The answer is probably yes, as it is with most parents. However, what most of us don’t know is that these two events (getting picked on and stomach ache) are actually directly related to one another.

Our bodies contain serotonin, an anti-depressant. With all of the serotonin in our bodies, 5% of that is in our brains, while the other 95% is in our small intestine. That means, when someone gets picked on, or is extremely stressed, their stomach is directly affected because 95% of that serotonin is actually in the small intestine.

Ever wonder why you are addicted to food? This is why.

Lots of doctors like to prescribe anti-depressants to “solve” the issue at hand. Well guess what? Anti-depressants only help 45% of the time! Clean diets such as the Paleo diet and the Mediterranean diet can work to eliminate depression 75-80% of the time. Those odds are much better than anti-depressants, which is why I stand behind these diets and often prescribe them to my patients.

Here at DreamBody Medical Centers, I like to educate my patients as much as possible, and then I typically suggest the right lifestyle change and diet I believe will help them. More often than not, the Paleo Diet is the right choice. This diet includes lots of whole foods, not just meats, contrary to popular belief. Whether you can’t seem to lose those last few pounds, are having emotional stress that you believe is affecting you physically, or you want to get tested and find out if there is anything you can improve on, come on in to DreamBody Medical Centers to get my expert opinion!

Dr. Paul Budnick

Adult Stem Cell Prolotherapy, Age Management

Prolotherapy: Get Rid of the Pain Without Going Through Surgery

October 1, 2013

Prolotherapy Heal Pain Without Surgery

If you are like most other Americans living today, chances are you have some sort of joint or muscle pain. Since Scottsdale, Arizona has such great mountains for hiking (such as these:, the chance of having these pains may actually be increased. One of the most common types of pain involves the knee. There are many studies that have been done in order to determine what the main cause or causes of knee pain may be. While there are multiple causes, some of the most common include:

•Sports injury

• Athletics

• Hiking

• Genetics

• Aging

• Bad shoes

At DreamBody, we offer
adult stem cell Prolotherapy
, an advanced form of
that can manage and relieve you of pain through the use of its ground-breaking science. If you have never heard of
, then our blog titled “Prolotherapy 101: An Introductory Guide” may be the best source for you to get started.

This advanced treatment, also known as
Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT)
, works by triggering a controlled inflammation that then stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms in order to lay down newer and stronger collagen cells and fibers, thus healing your injury and ridding you of the pain!

Typically, patients require anywhere from two to six
regenerative injection therapy treatments
. Our doctors also suggest that each treatment be spaced three to six weeks apart to achieve the best results possible. This is made easy with our conveniently located medical center located right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale.

If you are afraid of going through surgery, or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of pre-op, post-op and all of the rehabilitation that comes with surgery, Prolotherapy may be just for you.

At DreamBody, we know the importance of receiving as much information as possible before committing to any type of medical treatment or procedure. This is why we suggest anyone with chronic pain to schedule a consultation with us in order to receive the best and most appropriate treatment possible. To schedule your consultation, please visit: or call us at 480-907-3917 in order to get started on Prolotherapy!

IV Vitamin & Mineral Therapy, Pain Management

Prevent Osteoporosis with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

September 1, 2013

DreamBody Bones

Osteoporosis occurs to menopausal women, bioidentical hormone replacement prevents this disease that leads to fractures. The greatest medical contribution estrogen provides is prevention of hip and wrist fractures that occur with seemingly minor falls. Spontaneous collapse of back bones, known as compression fractures of vertebrae, can occur in post menopausal women just from sitting down too hard.

Doctors that recommend DEXA scans before blood and urine testing are acting as pharmaceutical salesmen instead of thinking physicians. Checking your levels of estrogen, testosterone and vitamin D to prescribe a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, will prevent osteoporosis better than all the biphosphonate drugs on the market. DEXA scans are excellent in grading bone density, but start a preventative plan first!

The biphosphonate drugs; Boniva, Actonel and Fosamax are potentially dangerous to patients, but very profitable for drug companies. Serious side effects like mandible necrosis (jaw bones dying), causing facial disfigurement. Unusual hip fractures only seen in patients with bone cancer, severe osteoporosis or taking the biphosphonate drugs. How can a drug that is supposed to help bones have such serious skeletal side effects?

With a bioidentical hormone therapy the vitamins that should be taken include vitamin D, C and K. Vitamin K is essential to the formation of osteocalcin in the bone, so eat your spinach! Calcium, boron, magnesium, vanadium and manganese are essential, so check your multiple vitamins.

I apply a protective finish to my redwood deck every year; I don’t wait until the wood is porous and cracking. Prevent fractured bones by consulting a board certified anti-aging doctor today!


Paul Budnick, M.D.

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