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December 29, 2011

At DreamBody we offer Juvederm fillers. They’re pretty much the same type filler, just different name brands. Patients do have preferences and we’ll inject accordingly. Candidates for fillers are someone with very deep lines that are not able to get injected through BOTOX. Generally below the nose is the most common area to get a filler. Around the lips or in the lips as well. The benefits of receiving filler is pretty much an instant result. You’re going to see the area plump up and the lines decrease right before your eyes. Fillers can definitely go hand in hand with BOTOX. You can do both areas below your nose for a filler, above your nose for BOTOX on the very same day. Fillers tend to last about a year, depending on which filler we use and what area we use it in. If you use a lot of filler in one area, it’s going to last longer than if you spread one syringe of filler in multiple areas.

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