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5 Ways to Lose Weight in the New Year

February 18, 2015
5 Ways to Lose Weight in the New Year

5 Ways to Lose Weight in the New Year

It’s been a month since New Year’s resolutions were set and you are (hopefully) still going strong with yours! Just one month of trying (and failing) to commit to a new habit such as joining a gym or going on a no-carb diet can be defeating, and leave you wanting to give up on your resolution altogether.

In fact, it can be so tempting to give up your New Year’s resolution that nearly 50 percent of people give up after just one month. Even more surprising is the fact that only 8 percent of people report achieving their resolution at the end of the year.
Considering how excited and inspired people are when they make their resolutions, it’s a sad sight to see when they abandon them so quickly. A healthy habit is just that: a habit. It is not something that you simply try out for a few weeks, and then call it quits when it gets tough. If you don’t think your specific diet or workout routine is working for you, give something else a shot! It’s no secret that in American culture there are a million and one ways to lose weight.

To help you stay committed to your resolution, we have come up with five ways to help you lose weight in the New Year. Whether you want to lose weight with good old fashioned work, or you would like a little medical help in the process, we have the perfect options for you and your body!

These 5 ways to lose weight include:
1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Liposuction
4. Verju
5. B12 injections

1. Diet

This form of weight loss should come as no surprise to you. Unfortunately, the primary reason why so many people in the U.S. are overweight is due to their poor diet. With so many convenient, processed foods available in our grocery stores, it’s difficult to find items that are truly healthy. When you start throwing confusing diet fads into the mix like gluten-free or juice cleanses, it can make choosing a diet that much more difficult.

If you are a disciplined person who can handle creating a diet on your own, get out there and do some research on the best way to cut calories, carbs, and fats! There are endless resources that can teach you how to lose weight without the help of a program.

If you are like most people, you need a strict system that will hold you accountable. Take the time to check out all of your options and choose the one that works best for you. Researching on your own is the best place to start. Maybe NutriSystem is right for you, or maybe Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig is your best bet. Take the time to really read through the steps of the program and get advice from others who have tried it out! Chances are, you have a friend that has given one of these (or many of them) a shot. See what they have to say; ask them their likes and dislikes. Make an informed decision as to what you think would work best for your body.

2. Exercise

Another not so secret way to lose weight is with good old fashioned exercise. Most people cringe when they hear this word because they think of grueling runs on the treadmill or lifting weights at a gym.

Fortunately for you, we recommend finding other, more fun methods of exercising, rather than just joining the gym. In case you haven’t checked out the hundreds of options for exercising, this once dreadful task has actually become pretty fun! Things like pole dancing and speed walking are now popular forms of exercise. And there’s no better way to find out which works best for you than giving them a try!

Hot yoga, spin classes, rock climbing, and belly dancing are all viable options to lose weight and get in shape. So be sure to pick one that you think is fun, because the only way you will stick with an exercise routine is by making it something that you look forward to!

3. Liposuction

If you’re the type of person who has tried every which way to get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat, maybe it’s time to take a medical approach, instead of working so hard to diet and exercise without seeing any results.

Liposuction is always a good choice when it comes to getting rid of unwanted fat. Most people only think of morbidly obese people or Hollywood stars receiving liposuction, when in reality many fit and trim people seek out liposuction treatments on a regular basis.

At DreamBody, we offer our clients two different types of liposuction procedures that both yield great results. Hot laser and cold laser liposuction are a great way to lose those final few pounds in 2015. With how safe and hassle-free these procedures are, there is no reason to not give it a try!

4. Verju

Similar to liposuction, Verju is another extremely popular treatment to get rid of inches around your hips as well as pesky cellulite! Every woman understands just how unnerving cellulite can be. You can be a 24 year old woman who is fit and trim and still suffer from the same cellulite issues as an older, overweight woman. Fortunately, Verju is a simple, non-invasive procedure that requires no down time.

Verju is the most cutting edge technology that zaps your orange peel skin for good! Treat yourself this new year by getting rid of cellulite and making yourself feel that much more beautiful.

5. B12 Injections

One of the healthiest and easiest medical treatment options available to help you lose weight is B12 injections. Vitamin B12 is one of the primary vitamin contributors inside your body. It is responsible for maintaining proper functioning of the brain, as well as the entire central nervous system. One of the main jobs of B12 is to keep your energy levels high.

If you are someone who lacks energy and you just want a bit more pep in your daily mood, B12 injections are the perfect solution. Not only will this vitamin make you feel better on a daily basis, but it will help you accomplish your exercise goals as well. By increasing your energy levels, working out will be that much easier.

Now that you know all of the options that are available to you when it comes to getting fit and accomplishing your New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to get out there and do them! Start a new diet, get into a workout routine and make an appointment at DreamBody to see what treatments we offer that may be perfect for you.

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