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October 1, 2013

Anti Wrinkles and Age Management
Estrogen deficiency causes skin dehydration thus causing small, sharp wrinkles especially above the upper lip and corner of the eyes. The vaginal wall becomes thin and dry from lack of estrogen, a common complaint in menopause.

Applying bioidentical Estriol, E3 cream to the face will keep the skin soft and thick, without causing estrogen excess. A prescription is needed for Estriol cream from your anti-aging doctor. Maintaining estrogen levels to youthful levels with bioidentical hormone replacement will improve skin and hair as well.

Estriol can actually prevent breast cancer as well. Women who take bioidentical estrogen often use compounded Biest which is a combination of E3 and E2. To help treat wrinkles, I recommend rubbing a portion of a women’s Biest cream on the face.

To maintain beautiful skin, do all the healthy lifestyle things like exercise, drink plenty of water and have a “clean diet”. Supplements like omega 3, iodine, melatonin, vitamins A, E, C and D, DHEA and all the anti-oxidants will make your skin youthful.

The vertical wrinkles of the upper lip were thought to be from smoking cigarettes. Actually, thin menopausal women that smoke has less fatty tissue to make estrogen after their ovaries quit working. And conversely, the larger women in their fifties and sixties have fewer wrinkles, because their fat cells produce more estrogen. I believe
prescription estrogen facial creams are far better than any expensive anti-aging creams sold at upscale department stores.

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Dr. Paul Budnick