How to Possibly Cure Type 2 Diabetes

June 29, 2012

Type 2 diabetes may be cured with the principles applied by DreamBody Medical Centers; hormone balancing, nutritional support and diet. Diabetes is epidemic in the USA. Hospitals, drug companies and specialist profit greatly from this disease which leads to accelerated deterioration of the heart, brain, muscle, skin, eyes and quality of life.

Diet change is essential and easily done by eliminating refined carbohydrates completely if you want to be 100% healthy. If you eliminate 75% of your refined carbohydrates you’ll be 75% more healthy. Whole grain bread, cracker, pasta and cereals are still refined carbohydrates, “whole grain” only helps 5-10%, NOT eating bread, crackers and pasta helps 100%. Whole wheat bread has been the main type of bread consumed for three decades but diabetes has more than doubled in 30 years.

Hospital diabetes educators have failed the general population with their poor dietary advice. Family physicians have not educated themselves; therefore they fail to stress dietary changes. Back in the “olden days” no medicine was available to diabetics; they had to comply with a diet of protein, vegetable fats and fresh vegetables to treated diabetes. Doctor must ask their patients about the specific foods they eat and drink or bad foods consumption will be continued. For example, I always question patients about what they drink daily. One 42-year-old man couldn’t understand why his diabetes wasn’t getting better despite exercise and avoiding of sugar foods like candy, soda and pastries. The man felt good about changing from Mountain Dew to Gatorade; one sugar drink to another, specifically asking the question, “what do you drink?” helped improve his health. In my experience, diabetes is a disease of choice most of the time. Patients choosing refined carbohydrates, pharmaceuticals leads to all the complications that follow diabetes like heart disease, stroke, dementia, infection, macular degeneration, premature aging and kidney failure later on.

Hormone balancing

Hormone balancing is essential to treating adult onset diabetes. Bioidentical hormones must be used; specifically testosterone levels should be checked and replaced in the male and female patients. All Age management Medicine specialists agree that once hormones are restored to youthful levels, diabetes is greatly improved and sometimes cured. In both sexes, replacing testosterone helps patients better tolerate exercise. Physicians that suggest exercise in an adult patient without addressing hormone levels are set up for failure. As your hormones decline the chance of type 2 diabetes increases, therefore hormone replacement therapy is essential. All the diseases that follow diabetes can be avoided and quality of life can be drastically improved.

Supplements and Vitamins

Supplements and vitamins are used by naturopathic physicians to help diabetics safely, without side effects. The research is clear that the following supplements help diabetics; chromium 300mcg, carnitine 2,000 mg, Omega 3 EPA/DHA 2,000mg, fiber pills, B complex vitamins, Vitamins C, D and E, GLA 240mg and Alpha lipoic acid 200mg taken daily.

Case scenario:

A 48-year-old man presents with 4-year history of diabetes. His family doctor has him on Lantus insulin, metformin and glypizide along with an antihypertension drug, Lisinopril. In the next ten years, this man will experience severe erectile dysfunction, his kidney function will diminish, chance of stroke and heart attack will triple and a decreased ability to fight infection will lead to several visits to the doctor. His doctor will support the patients belief his diabetes is just bad luck, not curable. With his first appointment here, the patient will be given an injection of testosterone and told to stop Lantus and glypizide, yes stop two of three of his diabetes medicines his doctor thought he would be on the rest of his life. The importance of avoiding refined carbohydrates and conversing about foods he presently consumes is discussed. Also, supplements and vitamins are added to the treatment plan. The patient is surprised by his glucose levels, which he records a few days after an Age management Medicine treatment plan has been applied. If weight loss follows, a cure of his diabetes and hypertension is expected within months.