Human Growth Hormone Benefits

June 29, 2012

Originally taken only from human cadavers, and used only in children of short stature, growth hormone has had an interesting and controversial history. Fortunately, the understanding of its importance in adult physiology came at approximately the same time as recombinant DNA technology, which led to greater availability along with virtually no risks. Soon after this, the comparison was made between growth hormone-deficient adults and aging adults. Because of the tremendous similarities, growth hormone started being used and soon gained great popularity in the treatment of normal aging. Growth hormone is clearly useful and therapeutic in this regard as long as it is used in a carefully monitored, professionally managed program. Any growth hormone program must include proper nutrition and exercise with emphasis on a low refined carbohydrate diet.

The benefits of growth hormone use in Somatopause which have been clearly documented in the medical literature, include the following: a decrease in body fat, an increase in muscle mass, thickening of the skin with decreased wrinkling, improvement in the cholesterol profile, an increase in bone density, enhanced feeling of well being, a decrease in the waist to hip ratio (meaning fat is removed primarily from around the waist where it is associated with a high risk of coronary disease), improvement in aerobic capacity, enhanced immune function and a decrease in the frequency of illness.

DreamBody makes the following recommendations for anyone considering a program of Comprehensive Hormone Replacement Therapy; make sure that the physician has a board certification from the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and is in good standing with their state board of medical examiners (such as Dreambody’s Dr. Budnick.) This is the only means by which you can be assured that the physician is qualified and knowledgeable enough to diagnose and treat you.