Black Friday

DreamBody Medical Centers, Scottsdale

    Black Friday Sales

November 21 – November 30, 2022


Adan Franco, MSN, FNP-C

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner 

Collagen Facelift

     - Buy 2 vials of Sculptra for $1,600 & get a Morpheus8 Face & Neck Treatment for $500

     - Savings of $1,000

Midface Rejuvenation $2,100

     - 3 Syringes of Dermal Filler & Dysport for Crows Feet

     - Treats volume loss in the cheeks, under eyes & nasolabial folds

     - Savings of $700

Lower Face Rejuvenation $2,100

     - 3 Syringes of Dermal Filler & Dysport for the Chin

     - Can be used to treat volume loss in nasolabial folds, chin, prejowl sulcus, jawline & lips (optional)

     - Savings of $700

Morpheus8 Face & Neck $3,000

     - Buy 3 Treatments & get the 4th Treatment Free

     - Savings of $2,000

Morpheus8 Body $4,000

     - Buy 3 Treatments & get the 4th Treatment Free

     - Savings of $3,000

PDO Thread Full Face & Neck Lift $2,750

     - Savings of $1,000

Schedule your Dermal Filler & Dysport Treatment Together

     - Get $100 OFF your total

Ramon Esquerdo, NMD

B-12 - 12 packs

     - B-12: $127 ($150)

     - Super B-12: $170 ($200)

     - Super Lipo B-12: $215 ($250)

Myers IV with membership

     - Promo: $75

    - Original Cost: $99

Presley Van Horn, LE


    - Lip Blush with a free touch-up $350 (Savings of $150)

    - Buy a 4 pack of Microneedling ($1000) and get the 5th session free ($350)

    - Buy a 3 pack of peels ($420) and get the 4th peel free ($175)

    - Get a 1-hour facial ($115) with free Dermaplaning ($35) *Must get both procedures done in the same visit*

    - Get a Brow Lamination ($100) with a free Express Facial ($45) *Must get both procedures done in the same visit*

    - Add on mask & massage to services for $15 (Originally $20)

    Call to schedule @ 480-292-1110     


    Morpheus 8

    Call to schedule with Adan Franco, MSN, FNP-C @ 480-292-1110. @dreambodyesthetics @dreambodymedcenters


    • Skin tightening
    • Collagen production
    • Improves scars
    • Fat pocket removal
    • Improve skin texture
    • Improve acne scars
    • Anti-Aging

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    Paul J

    “Staff is great. The doctors address the issue and help get on in track to be in the best possible health you can be. They are very thorough check levels with blood work making sure the results. Are correct.”

    September 21, 2016


    Teddy R

    “I have already referred three people to your clinic. I am going to start asking for a finders fee! Teddy Ross”

    October 2, 2016


    Angela D

    “Not anything much-office very accommodating to my needs. Respect & trust Dr. Ramon. Only thing that would be better is that u move back to Mesa!”

    September 2, 2016


    Jason J

    “Best doctor I have ever had. Too many positive things to list. I look forward to every vist. Thank you to the doctors and staff!!”

    September 7, 2016


    Vince S

    “It’s great how Dr. Budnick spends time with you to get to the root of the problem. He never seems to be in a hurry which shows he really cares.”

    September 29, 2016


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