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  • HCG Diet

    HCG Diet Specialists: How does it Work, and Is HCG safe?

    Weight loss is the trend going on in the present world. We categorize safe eating as per individual considering the whole person. Further, the HCG Diet involves a combination of hormone supplements or injections to promote calorie and weight loss. There is no scientific evidence suggesting the diet is safe and claims what the supporter […]

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  • Prolotherapy Being Performed by a Naturopath

    Prolotherapy for Joint and Back pain

    Are you suffering from joint and back pain? Does this pain interfere with your daily lives? We have the answer for you. Our naturopathic doctors at DreamBody Medical Centers offer a way to combat your pain and help you live a healthy pain-free life. Prolotherapy has been proven to be an effective treatment in patients […]

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  • Healthy Eating

    Is a Weight Neutral Holiday Possible?

    The holidays are a time of fun with family and friends full of sweets and treats. Unfortunately, some people dread the holidays because they know they are going to gain weight due to all the tempting food and drink. But don’t worry, you don’t need to deprive yourself and miss out on all the festivities […]

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  • 4th Of July

    Are you ready for July 4th?

    Independence Day is a wonderful time to celebrate our great country but it is also the perfect occasion for reconnecting with family and friends. Picnics, boating, swimming, hiking, and local festivals are on everyone’s calendars. But maybe you’ve been feeling a little run down and the thought of all that activity just makes you tired. […]

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  • Couple Riding Bikes

    Summer Is On Its Way – There Is Still Time To Make 2017 Your Best Year

    Can you believe that summer is almost here again? The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting higher and pretty soon we will all be getting out our shorts and swimsuits. If you’re not ready, don’t worry – there’s still time to get healthy and DreamBody Medical Centers can help. If you still […]

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  • Flu Bug

    Vitamin IV and the Flu

    Cold and Flu season is here. Many people get the flu vaccination which can certainly help prevent some strains of the flu. According to the CDC, the 2015-2016 flu vaccination was about 63% effective. Unfortunately, some people are not able to get a flu vaccination due to illness or allergies or maybe they just waited […]

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