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Story about DreamBody Center

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  • DreamBody is like one big family.

    “DreamBody is like one big family. Everyone is down to earth. Has a great friendly family feel.”   — A.L.  

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  • Is the HCG drug safe?

    Yes, that is why every physician, naturopath, chiropractor, and nurse practitioner is offering the diet, but unfortunately very few have actually taken the Simeon HCG Diet Course. The doctors at DreamBody have specialized in HCG and hormone programs for weight and optimal well being.

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  • Can men do the HCG diet?

    Absolutely, in fact they experience a slight elevation in their testosterone level; therefore they gain muscle and lose weight

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  • Can I lose more than 35 pounds?

    Not with first round of the HCG program, weight loss is safely limited to 35 pounds. If more weight needs to be lost, you can repeat the diet again after a six week break from the first HCG diet program and lose up to 35 pounds again.

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  • Will the weight stay off?

    Yes, most patients experience a new normal weight.

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  • How does HCG work?

    HCG actually resets your “fat banking center” in your midbrain, an area of the brain that regulates several basic functions like temperature, thirst, hunger, and others.

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