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  • DreamBody’s Obesity Cure

    DreamBody HCG Diet Program is a physician managed weight loss program that could allow patients to lose nearly a pound a day! For many people, weight loss of 15-35 pounds in 20-40 days is common. The HCG diet has been called the “obesity cure” because people can possibly lose 1 to 2 pounds of fat […]

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  • Put Your Best Face Forward This Summer

    Summertime is a great time of the year to reunite with friends and family so you want to make sure you look your best. Diet and exercise can help you be as slim as you were as you were in college, but neither one really helps to cover up wrinkles as well as you’d hope. […]

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  • I have had such a positive experience with them

    “My husband had liposuction done at Dreambody and had a great experience, so I went in for the HCG diet . I used to be in the medical profession, and had done a lot of research on HCG before, and everything that Dr. Budnick said really made sense, he is so knowledgeable! Now I have […]

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  • I was completely blown away!

    “Going into Dreambody for the HCG diet was such a great decision. I feel 100% different! I’m turning 65 in September, but I don’t feel it! I was completely blown away with the knowledge and background of Dr. Budnick and his staff. I would definitely go back!” — P.K.

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  • B-12 Injections

    Deb Budnick, R.N., talks about B-12 injections.

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