Treat Yourself to a Day of Pampering with Botox, a Pedicure and a day of Shopping

January 21, 2014

Day of Pampering with Botox and PedicureIt may not be your birthday and you may not have just gotten a huge promotion at work, but who needs an excuse to pamper themselves every now and again? Not us! We think it is time you set one full day aside for yourself; a day where you don’t have to worry about packing the kids’ lunches or responding to an email in a timely matter, or even doing your makeup!

The idea of putting yourself first for the entire day may sound insane, but every once in a while, it is just what a person needs! So how do you do it? We have a whole itinerary planned out that you are more than welcome to steal from us. In fact, we are giving it to you, so you won’t have to feel like a thief at all.



  • Start your day by waking up to the sun shining into your bedroom rather than the annoying sound of your alarm clock.
  • Drive over to your favorite local coffee shop; grab a coffee and breakfast and enjoy the peace and quiet for a while.
  • Once you have enjoyed your coffee and your pastry (because let’s face it, on your personal day you can have that pastry you’ve been eyeing), head on over to DreamBody to receive your Botox.
  • Next, drive yourself over to your favorite nail salon and treat yourself to a pedicure! We highly suggest choosing something off of the menu rather than simply going with the “basic” we are all so accustomed to choosing. Heck, this is your day! Splurge a little!
  • Now is where you can have some fun. If you want a little more peace and quiet, go get yourself an hour-long massage to really feel relaxed and pampered. If you are relaxed enough and ready to do some damage, head on over to Scottsdale Fashion Square to do what you love the best, shop.

If you ask us, that sounds like the perfect day! We know we can’t have this kind of day all the time, but every now and then, it is definitely needed.