Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Snacks

March 3, 2014

Photo from Bethenny.comHappy St. Patrick’s Day from everyone here at DreamBody Medical Centers. St. Patty’s Day is known for green beer, corned beef and cabbage. Those are great, but aside from the green beer, those foods are pretty tricky to serve as finger foods at a party. We need snacks to serve that can be easily eaten and munched on throughout the entire party. Something that is green and festive, yet healthy and tasty! We have 3 great finger foods that are all of the above.

1. Green Guacamole

a. Living in Arizona, most of us have great guacamole recipes, so why not take advantage of this snacks green color and serve it at your St. Patrick ’s Day party this year? To make this classic snack a bit healthier, replace half of your recipes’ allotted avocados with 1 cup of peas (1 cup per 1 avocado). Keep everything else the same, and enjoy this low-fat version!

b. If you don’t have a great recipe yet, try this “Mock-A-Mole” from Bethenny Frankel.

2. Festively Green Fruit Skewers

a. Swap out your usual veggie platter for a St. Patrick ’s Day inspired green snack, complete with everything fresh, green and tasty. Choose 3-4 of your favorite green fruits from the store. Wash and cut them up into similar sizes. Then simply add the green fruit pieces to the skewer to create the perfect healthy and green snack. From green apples and grapes to sliced kiwi and pears, you and your guests will love this yummy, easy to eat snack.

3. Quick & Easy, Zero Step Snacks

a. For those looking for something super quick and easy that requires zero steps and no cooking skills, this is for you. Think green. Think quick. What do you get? We can think of two snacks that meet both requirements! Pistachios and wasabi green peas. Both of these snacks can be found at most grocery stores, come ready to go, and are definitely a healthy green treat that you and your guests can munch on all day and all night. All you have to do is open the bag and pour—easy as that!

Now that you have three healthy snack options for St. Patrick’s Day this year that won’t take all day to prepare and certainly won’t ruin your weight loss plan, you can focus on the decorating and more importantly, what you will wear. Because we all know if you aren’t wearing green come March 17th, you are sure to get pinched.