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Fillers are a money-saving alternative to expensive facial creams

We are bombarded with ads for creams and lotions that promise a miracle cure for wrinkles. The ads are everywhere – in magazines, on TV, online, and in the aisle of every grocery store and department store. The makers of these creams, lotions, and gels tell us that they contain secret formulas and advanced scientific ingredients that will make us look years younger in a matter of days. Some of these products do actually help, but they are expensive and must be used on a regular basis for an indefinite period of time. A better way to achieve wrinkle free and plumper, more youthful looking skin is to invest in fillers.



Dermal Fillers

instead of

Expensive Creams

give you longer lasting results. While anti wrinkle creams are, in general, less expensive than fillers, you use more and it you need to replace the creams on a regular basis for an indefinite amount of time. The creams also don’t work as quickly as fillers. Creams can take weeks or even months to produce results, while fillers refresh your face in just days. In the long run, the facial creams are more costly than fillers.

Fillers are simple injections that add a fullness and elasticity to the face and skin, bringing back the youthful glow that used to be there. There are three types of fillers offered, and they each consist of slightly different components that affect the skin in slightly different ways.


is a gel made of hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in your skin and binds with the water in your skin to add more volume.


is a calcium-based microsphere gel. It is injected into the skin and adds volume, but also stimulates collagen growth to help keep you looking youthful.


Is a collagen injection that is long-lasting and erases wrinkles while supporting the skin.

So, the next time you are considering trying the latest expensive wrinkle reducing cream, considering saving money by looking into facial fillers! Contact a cosmetic medical professional to find which type is right for you and say good bye to those expensive creams and lotions while saying hello to a new, refreshed looking you!