LipoDissolve Vs. Liposuction – The Advantages of LipoDissolve

May 8, 2018

Why all the buzz about LipoDissolve as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction?

LipoDissolve versus LipoSuction Comparison

Lipodissolve is a procedure that uses a series of medicated injections to help melt away small, localized areas of fat. LipoDissolve is typically used for small pockets in areas like the face/chin, upper arms, knees, flanks, and abdomen. Keep in mind that LipoDissolve is not an alternative for dieting and should not be considered as a weight loss alternative.

During the LipoDissolve procedure, your doctor or nurse will inject the phosphatidylcholine solution mixture into the connective tissue and fat layers being treated. Almost all patients experience little or no pain, and unlike LipoSuction, LipoDissolve requires no anesthesia. With LipoDissolve, you may experience swelling in the injected area during the first three to four days depending on how much solution was used. The combination of medications and ingredients in the solution causes a chemical reaction that can dissolve the localized areas of fat on the patient. Most people see benefits about three to four weeks after the treatment. Your doctor or nurse will typically recommend several treatments administered four to six weeks apart to achieve maximum results. Your provider will give you an estimate of the number of treatments necessary to achieve the best results. After LipoSuction there is typically some downtime, but after LipoDissolve, most patients return to their normal activities the same day!

Advantages of LipoDissolve versus LipoSuction

There are many great reasons to have LipoDissolve rather than LipoSuction. If you want to avoid anesthesia, want no downtime, and are searching for a less expensive treatment, then LipoDissolve could be exactly what you need to get rid of those stubborn little pockets of fat. Talk with an experienced medical professional to determine if LipoDissolve is right for you.

LipoDissolve Considerations:

LipoDissolve has not been in use as long as LipoSuction so it is important to choose a medical provider who has the expertise and training that makes you feel comfortable. Review your provider’s credentials and education and find out what type of certification he or she has. Ask your doctor to share information with you about the ingredients in the injections that will be used for your specific procedure.