Can I do HCG and B-12 injections at the same time?

March 6, 2012

Whether you have already done our HCG weight loss program or need an alternative to lose a few more pounds, we have a solution! Our Lipotropic B12 weight loss plan can help you achieve a 10 to 15 pound weight loss. We have modified our HCG meal plan to accommodate a higher caloric intake, concentrating on increasing proteins and decreasing fats.

With the modified meal plan, you will receive a lipotropic injection one to two times a week to help break down the “bad” fats that you have stored. There are no hormones involved. This is not HCG! Our injections consist of amino acids and vitamin B12 only. These supplements help suppress your appetite and boost your energy levels. The injections have been used for over 50 years, which guarantees them to be safe and, best of all, affordable!