What May Be Causing My Pain?

February 20, 2014

What Is Causing My PaindDon’t find yourself masking your pain with temporary over-the-counter medicine. Let’s take care of the problem! How you may ask, through Prolotherapy of course! DreamBody has a specialized team whose life revolves around helping people manage their pain, no matter how big or how small. If you don’t know the cause of your pain, we can sure find it. No, unlike many other health institutions we don’t do a lot of different injections and “poking around” to find the area of pain. Our extensive testing uses the levels of your hormones to find an answer. You can thank us later.

Why suffer through restless nights, daily doses of medicine, and increased frustration when DreamBody offers an easy way to help? You may not notice the seriousness that changing or limiting your life because of pain can cause. If you do, we have great news. You are not alone! People today of all ages experience joint and muscle pain, and think the only way through it is surgery or serious medication. If those were the answers, our job of getting you to return to your everyday life after pain management would be just a fairytale.

Determining the severity of a joint or muscle pain has numerous benefits when looking at the big picture. By not correcting the problem now, it could lead to future physical and emotional consequences.

Time to introduce you to Prolotherapy.

A treatment designed to help prevent surgeries and chronic use of pain killers. The treatment is used as injection therapy, directly aimed into the injured joint or muscle on the body. Once injected it triggers a controlled inflammation, stimulating the body’s natural healing methods. By doing so, the healing mechanisms lay new, strong collagen fibers in its place. That’s right, no knives, cuts, or bruising!

Let’s forget about Prolotherapy for a minute and say you have less of a pain discomfort. After consultation, some pain can be cured by changing your diet or taking the correct amount of vitamins and supplements. Whatever it may be, here at DreamBody we don’t do anything as easy as write a prescription. We find the cause and cure using the correct pain management techniques performed by our professional doctors. Sound like a dream? Well wake up and book your Prolotherapy consultation today!

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