DB Lifestyle
Comprehensive Two-Part Weight Loss Program

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What is DB Lifestyle? 

DB Lifestyle is DreamBody’s two part program for weight loss. With the DB Lifestyle program, a patient could possibly lose up to 10 or more pounds per month. The DB Lifestyle program is perfect for people who want a flexible and sustainable plan that will help in losing and maintaining their weight for the long term.

The DB Lifestyle program is for people who want to learn how to make healthy eating choices, want to participate in healthy activity, and are ready to make a long term life style change. After evaluation, patients are given a customized diet and meal plan that will work with their body composition. The meal plan includes healthy fats, lean proteins, and complex carbs. The plan is typically supplemented with weight loss injections, medical grade vitamins, and appetite suppressants.

Benefits Include:

  • Enjoy a flexible meal plan
  • Steady, healthy approach to losing weight - not a crash diet
  • Includes essential food groups for balanced macronutrient intake
  • Let's you count servings, not calories.
  • How are calorie counts determined?

    The professionals at DreamBody will perform an individual body composition analysis for you to determine how many calories you burn while at rest. From there, the team can determine the amount of calories you should take in each day in order to achieve a steady and sustainable weight loss.

  • What is a macronutrient?

    Macronutrients are the three main components of food that are required by human bodies. Macronutrients include carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

  • Do I have to calorie count with this plan?

    The DB Lifestyle meal plan does not require you to count calories. Instead, it is based on counting servings. If you do want to count calories you still can – we have an app for that!

  • Is alcohol allowed on the plan?

    Yes, you can still enjoy alcohol with the DB Lifestyle program, but you will need to keep track of your drinks as a part of your daily intake. DreamBody recommends having no more than 3 drinks per week.

  • Can I exercise while I'm on the program?

    Yes, you can. In fact, the DB Lifestyle encourages exercise and activity!

  • Are there weight loss and food options for vegetarians and vegans?

    Yes, the DB Lifestyle meal plan includes vegan and vegetarian options.

  • If I can get appetite suppressants online or at the local vitamin store, why do I need the ones from DreamBody?

    DreamBody’s appetite suppressants are prescribed by a medical professional so they are much safer and much more effective. Products purchased over the counter are not medical grade and have not been tested as rigorously as prescription suppressants.

  • Will appetite suppressants make me feel tense or jumpy?

    There may be some minor side effects when you first start the program but these are usually temporary. The side effects could include constipation, dry mouth, difficulty sleeping, or mild anxiety. These effects almost always subside quickly. The medical providers at DreamBody carefully evaluate each individual patient in order to determine the optimum approach and medication needed that will assist them in achieving a healthy weight. You will work with your medical provider throughout your program so that your health and well being is assured.