B-12 Injections

April 4, 2016

Vitamin-B12At DreamBody we offer three different types of B12 injections. Our first level is straight B12, Methylcobalamin, which could increase your energy level, help promote a healthy immune system, and possibly break down bad fats.

The second level of injection is B12 with amino acids. It is designed to help patients decrease body fats. The amino acids may assist in breaking down fats in the patient’s body while delivering the B12 benefits.

The third level of B12 injection is a combination of vitamin C, B12, and all of the B vitamins, otherwise known as a B complex plus amino acids. This injection can help promote a healthy immune system and possibly aid in increasing energy and breaking down bad fats. Many patients feel that the main benefit of this injection is the extra boost to the immune system. So, if you’re travelling, or feel like you are coming down with something, this is probably the best injection for you.

Most people receive a B12 injection weekly, however monthly injections are also an option. The frequency depends on the diet of the patient. Vegetarians especially can benefit from weekly B12 as it is difficult to absorb all the B vitamin needed on a vegetarian diet. The benefits of B12 can include promotion of a healthy immune system and an increase in energy levels. Patients who don’t have the time to come in to the clinic on a weekly or monthly basis can even be trained to administer their own B12 injections at home.

DreamBody recommends the second level of B12 injections to help maintain the results of an HGC diet. A patient could potentially lose about a pound a month if the injections are continued on a weekly basis.