I Think I Want Liposuction, But What Is It?

April 4, 2016

Liposuction - Before & AfterThe DreamBody Liposuction Procedure is perfect for those who want to get rid of that unwanted fat, but haven’t been successful with diet and/or exercise. Our liposuction procedure employs the long-used tumescent fluid method, which completely anesthetizes the fatty area, but also helps lift and separate fat for a more even aspiration of fat. The Erchonia laser technology evenly stimulates the ATP in fat cells to release their triglyceride storage fats, thus making the fat cell easier to “suck out”! The DreamBody Advanced Liposuction Procedure uses the Erchonia Cool Laser over the area to be contoured, and this is followed with ultrasound suction by the MicroAire PAL (power assisted liposuction). DReamBody does not use hot lasers like the SmartLipo, Lipolite, and SlimLipo because they all act as thin hot pokers and are unable to get a completely even amount of energy throughout the fatty areas, thus leaving lumps and bumps. The Erchonia Laser assures an even fat melting in the area to be contoured and reduced.

The doctors at DreamBody have done hundreds of liposuction procedures in both private practice and with a large national liposuction company and have found that all the hot lasers previously mentioned do melt fat but only through a 1mm hot laser that cannot get the area even and smooth. Cold Laser is exciting because the technology gives such even and smooth results. The Erchonia Laser also has post operative settings that stimulate faster healing.

Additionally, patients should also consider a hormone evaluation, diet counseling, and supplements and nutraceuticals offered by the physicians at DreamBody Medical Centers to achieve a leaner body. Together, we can give you the DreamBody you’ve always hoped for!