Prolotherapy with Dr Ramon

October 28, 2016

When it comes to Prolotherapy, no one is more of an expert than Dr. Ramon from DreamBody Medical Centers. Not only has Dr. Ramon been administering Prolotherapy to his patients for more than 15 years, he has also benefited from the procedure himself!

According to Dr. Ramon, Prolotherapy has been used since the 1950s to help patients dealing with various types of pain. Prolotherapy is an injection that helps regenerate tissue and allows the body to heal itself from an injury. It is a natural procedure because it uses the body’s own inflammation to heal itself.

Dr. Ramon will first thoroughly evaluate a patient to determine the source and nature of any pain. Then, a solution is injected in the affected area so that the body responds and begins to strengthen the tissue for better healing. Says Dr. Ramon, “Prolotherapy is the base of our offering for pain management and relief. We can then use PRP and Stem Cell treatments if needed. The main goal is to help a patient avoid surgery and to return him or her to an active, pain free life.”

Prolotherapy can be used for relief from a wide variety of issues that cause pain. This includes rheumatism and arthritis, cartilage and ligament tears and strains, as well as knee, hip, and back pain. Prolotherapy can also be used to strengthen tendons that have been injured or weakened due to wear and tear. Dr. Ramon has found that Prolotherapy tends to have about an 85% success rate compared to 30% for surgery.

Dr. Ramon points to many success stories, including his own. “I had a knee injury and completely tore my ACL. My orthopedist said I needed surgery but with the relatively low rate of success, I wanted to try something different and less invasive. So, I turned to Prolotherapy and my recovery has been amazing. It has been almost 15 years and I can still do any activity I want and I’m still pain free!”

“I even have patients who have bone on bone knees and need replacements. With Prolotherapy, we’ve been able to keep them well for years. Prolotherapy has far less down time than surgery and no side effects. If surgery can be avoided or delayed, that is a good thing. Prolotherapy is an option that is not always explored or offered by other practitioners but here at DreamBody, we firmly believe that it is a marvelous way to alieve pain and get active again!”

So, if you are tired of limping through every day due to pain, call DreamBody Medical Centers for a free consultation with Dr. Ramon. Prolotherapy could be just what the doctor ordered!