Surprising Secrets From Dermatologists and Skin Care Experts

March 31, 2016

SunscreenThe people who are in the skin care business are often the best people to ask for advice when it comes to taking care of your own skin. Many of them use the very remedies that they prescribe to their patients. After all, shouldn’t you practice what you preach? Here are some surprising tips from several medical professionals who specialize in skin care and repair—
Wear Sunblock Indoors – Just because you are not outside it doesn’t mean that you are fully protected from the sun’s rays. In fact, UVA rays that can cause cancer are able to get to you through the glass of your windows. And if, like many people, you spend a lot of time in your car, you are quite exposed there too. These rays also accelerate the aging process by breaking down the collagen in your skin and causing age spots and uneven skin tone. Use an antioxidant as well as an SPF every day whether you plan to be indoors or outdoors and you can help neutralize those damaging rays. Ask your doctor what serum he or she recommends.
Start on Botox Early – Some skin care professionals recommend starting Botox as early as your late twenties. Not everyone needs Botox this early but if you live in a region where you get (or have gotten) lots of sun exposure, you can help fend off those early wrinkles. Also, if you have a habit of furrowing your brow or squinting, then Botox can prevent full contractions of your muscles. This helps fight off those permanent creases and wrinkles so that you can stay looking younger and more energetic as you age.
Don’t Go Barbie Doll Smooth – Many of the best doctors like to leave a few wrinkles on their patient’s faces. Injectables and fillers are wonderful for smoothing out deep creases and adding lost plumpness, but completely smooth Barbie Doll style faces on humans are unnatural and kind of scary. It’s pretty obvious that you’ve had work done when your face has absolutely no lines and nothing moves any more. Work with your doctor to make sure that you will get a natural refreshed look and then bask in the compliments!
Drink Collagen – Who knew that collagen came in a drinkable form? Well it does, and many dermatologists use it and recommend it. You can find Collagen in a powder form at many reputable specialty stores. One professional uses ReserveAge Collagen Replenish Powder from the Vitamin Shoppe. The powder contains the bioactive collagen peptide Verisol which has been shown by several independent studies to help decrease the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes in only four months.
So, next time you are visiting your dermatologist or skin doctor for a check-up or procedure, ask them what they do to keep their skin looking great. You may end up with some amazing tips that you might never have thought of before!