The Top 5 Spots for Cold Laser Lipo

July 17, 2016

You, like many other people, may be trying to get rid of pesky, stubborn fat that seems to stick around no matter how hard you diet and exercise. Fortunately, Liposuction is the perfect solution that can fix that problem area you’ve fought for so long.

Many people have a lot of questions about Lipo and a good provider should be able to answer those questions for you. Some of the most common questions concern where Lipo can be used on a person’s body. DreamBody has performed hundreds of successful Cold Laser Lipo procedures and we have found that the most popular areas are;

1. Abdomen
2. Waistline (love handles)
3. Thighs
4. Upper arms
5. Neckline

1. Abdomen
The abdomen is one of the most difficult places to lose fat from. You can diet and exercise and find you still have a little tummy pooch. Even some of the most fit people struggle with belly fat. The lower abdomen can be especially stubborn and Lipo sometimes is about the only way to get rid of that extra pocket of flab.

2. Waistline
Love handles and “muffin tops” are the enemies of many otherwise fit people. Men and women struggle with the fat that collects in this area.Just like belly fat, losing fat from your waistline can be extremely tricky as well. This is a difficult to target region when working out and spot reduction doesn’t really work that well anyway. For people who tend to collect extra pounds around their waistline, Lipo is the best way slim all the way down.

3. Thighs
The thigh region can be one of the trickiest areas to lose weight from for both men and women. With lots of diet and exercise, you can generally slim down this area, but it is one of the fattiest regions on your body and can remain flabby—even if you are a workout warrior. Many women can be extremely fit and yet still have “saddlebags”.
And many men complain about not liking the way that their thighs feel or look too. Lipo is perfect for sculpting the thighs and helping you look better and more confident in your clothes.

4. Upper Arms
Women tend to struggle more with this area of the body, but men can be affected as well. As we age, our underarm area loses its elasticity and becomes more and more flabby, thus leading to the dreaded “bat wing”. Diet and exercise can definitely help eliminate a large portion of fat from this area but sometimes people need that final push that Lipo can give in removing that stubborn pocket of fat.

5. Neckline
Your neckline is one of the most difficult areas to cover up. Unless you are wearing turtlenecks on a regular basis, this part of your body will almost always be exposed. Because this is a high visibility area of the body, many people seek Lipo for their neckline. Again, with aging, your skin tends to lose its elasticity and any weight gain is dramatically more visible here than it was when you were younger. Exercise can’t help much with this region, which means that Lipo is your best bet to get rid of the excess fat for good!

Of course, Cold Laser Lipo is great for many other areas of the body including calves, the tops of your knees, your jawline, and many others. If you diet and exercise and still have bulges that just don’t respond, then Lipo is probably a great option for you. Cold Laser Lipo is one of the most popular procedures in the U.S. (in fact, more that 200,000 people chose it on the past year.) Cold Laser Lipo is safe and affordable. Contact DreamBody Medical Centers to find out if Lipo is for you!