Your Guide to Slimming Down for Summer

May 24, 2016

Let’s face it, losing weight is hard work! Our bodies and our metabolisms fight us at every turn. It can be very frustrating when you watch what you eat, work out regularly, and still feel like your body is not changing the way you want it to. Well, don’t be stressed– there are some ways to start looking instantly slimmer! Here are three steps you can try for almost instant results.

1. Improve your posture.

The average person can take 1-3 inches off of their waist just by standing up straighter. When you slouch, extra fat will look like it is bunched around your mid-section. Additionally, when you consistently practice better posture, you will start to build new muscles in your shoulders and back that will support your spine and make it easier to always stand tall and look more slender.

2. Dress for success.

Wearing dark colored clothing that accentuates your body will make you look instantly slim. Dark colors are naturally slenderizing. Try wearing a long cardigan to lengthen your body or a nicely tailored pair of slacks or pencil skirt that will make your body look long and sleek. Wearing all one color also helps to promote the image of a more slender silhouette.

3. Consider cold laser liposuction.

DreamBody Medical Centers in Scottsdale, AZ offers the least invasive type of laser liposuction. It is quick, painless, safe, and affordable and most patients are able to return to work 1-2 days later. Liposuction is perfect for those problem spots that just don’t respond to diet or exercise.

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