3 Tips to Help You Eat Right at Holiday Parties

November 6, 2012

The holidays are here and they are in full swing. During this time of year, it is easy to get caught up in the middle of parties and gift giving and lose focus when it comes to eating right. We are here to give you a few quick and easy tips to help you eat healthy at all of your up-coming holiday parties.

Portion control

Holiday parties are great, but they are notorious for unhealthy snacks and finger foods. This holiday season while you’re walking around the party and mingling with friends who you may or may not like, try portion control. Instead of grabbing a handful of chocolate covered pretzels or sugar coated almonds, take one or two and make them last. If you are constantly snacking throughout the night by taking handfuls at a time, you are sure to over eat and will end up regretting it the next morning.

Eat a meal before you go to your holiday party.

Sounds silly right? Wrong. If you eat a meal before you go to your party, you are a lot less likely to snack throughout the party because you will be full from your earlier meal. Eating a simple sandwich or salad can really help you cutback your snacking later on in the evening.

Watch what you drink.

We always think about how many calories the foods we eat may have, but what about our drinks? Drinks, especially those at holiday parties, can be very dangerous and very high in calories. This year, try avoiding the drinks made with fruity and sugary mixers – those tend to be highest in calories. An easy solution is to go with club soda as a mixer; not only is it nice and fizzy, it also has zero calories! You can’t beat that.

So this year as you get all dolled up for your first holiday party of the season, think twice before you head out. Just remember our three tips and you won’t have to worry about over eating or drinking any unwanted calories.