Cold Laser Lipo: The Answer To That Annoying Muffin Top

August 9, 2013

Cold Laser Lipo: The Answer to Muffin Top

Looking to get rid of that annoying muffin top for good? A muffin top is the growth of abdominal fat that is stored easily, but difficult to melt away. If you are like most, you have probably tried everything under the sun to get rid of your muffin top. Unfortunately, the muffin top is one of the hardest areas on the body to eliminate. Both men and women are victims of the problem and typically struggle for years to once and for all dissolve the unattractive jean overflow. Have you tried new diet and exercise routines, but they still aren’t working? Our advanced and minimally invasive
Cold Laser Liposuction is one of the most effective ways to rid yourself of that extra baggage and finally make your dreams come true!

This procedure is an excellent way to remove your body of that stubborn excess fat once and for all. At DreamBody Medical Centers, we perform the most advanced form of
Cold Laser Liposuction
there is, primarily on patients who have weight loss goals but continuously struggle with them. Losing weight is no walk in the park which is why this procedure will change your life forever.

Cold Laser Liposuction ensures a safe and efficient way to delete unwanted fat in those target areas on the body in a safe and timely manner. Depending on the areas treated, some patients are able to get back to work the next day. This procedure is designed to melt fat, while ensuring a quick healing process. DreamBody Medical Centers performs this technique in-office, which guarantees a safe and quick procedure. Patients are wide awake during each procedure because of our remarkable new techniques that do not require heavy anesthesia. If the patient so chooses, we do offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during the procedure. Because of this, the recovery process is much quicker and more effective. You will be looking and feeling like a million bucks in no time.

Feel the weight being lifted off of you, while looking and feeling younger in no time! Come in today for your free consultation. See the results as they happen!