DreamBody Medical Centers vs. Hospitals: What is the Difference?

October 28, 2013

Medical Center vs. Hostpial

The hospital can be a frightening place; it can be cold and gloomy and often remind people of things they don’t want to be reminded of. Are you interested in a Weight-Loss Treatment or an Age Management procedure, but don’t want to be involved in multiple, lengthy, hospital procedures and visits? At DreamBody Medical Centers, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, you can receive a specialized approach to liposuction and advanced age management treatments in the Valley without the stressful feelings that arise with these hospital visits. Each staff member at DreamBody Medical Centers is dedicated to helping patients achieve their lifestyle goals with a personalized treatment plan.

While working in hospitals, Dr. Paul Budnick, founder of DreamBody Medical Centers, discovered that prescription drugs were often the source of health problems. He had seen doctors prescribing drugs to treat the symptoms of another drug that a patient was already taking and realized that there had to be a more effective alternative to this problem-focused practice. He is dedicated to preventative treatments that focus on transforming patients’ lifestyles rather than patching problems with more medication.

At DreamBody Medical Centers, we get to know every patient as if they are a family member or friend. Unlike a cold hospital, we are decorated to make you feel comfortable. Nurses and doctors at DreamBody are both available for questions or concerns whenever you are at our office.

Our medical center ensures that you don’t worry about the recovery process. Many of our procedures, such as cold laser liposuction, allow patients to go to work the very next day. Each recovery differs treatment to treatment, as well as patient to patient, but our minimally invasive procedures, performed in-office, will not take away from your busy schedule. DreamBody emphasizes recovery over hiding symptoms, and our professionals will happily walk with you from your initial consultation, all the way through the end of your recovery process. This focus and expertise are what separates our medical clinic from any hospital.

Healthy medicines are the focus of DreamBody Medical Center. Whether you need supplements, bio-identical hormones, or liposuction, our specialists will guide you through the entire process and tailor treatments to each of your individual needs. Book your consultation today, and see how our medical center can alleviate any pain, weight, health, or age issues that can’t be cured by a simple prescription service.