Gastrointestinal Issues Straight from the Doctor: Part 2

December 2, 2013

Gastrointestinal-Issues-Weight-LossIn Gastrointestinal Issues Straight from the Doctor: Part 1 from last month, we discussed some of the basics regarding gastrointestinal issues. These explained why some people find themselves addicted to food or sick during stressful and emotional times in their lives. To continue the topic of gastrointestinal issues, let’s start off with a quick fact.

Did you know that your gut is actually your main immune system? Well it is, and if that is surprising enough, 70% of your limp nods are found in your gut. This causes skin problems, muscle and joint pain, as well as fatigue. A great way to keep those things from happening to you is by clean eating.

At DreamBody Medical Centers, we see a lot of patients come through with various health related issues. They come to us to find test and find to problem, which then allows us to find a solution as well. The first thing I typically do when someone comes in is food testing. This used to be done strictly for stomach issues, however nowadays, we do this test for a number of other reasons such as obesity, fatigue and acne.

Example 1

A 45 year old woman came in to do HCG for her third time. She was trying to lose 15 those last 15 pounds. What I told her may surprise you, but instead of signing her up for a third round of HCG I said “Save your money! Let’s do a food allergy test.” So we did the test and it turns out she had a severe strawberry allergy. I had her cut strawberries out of her diet for 6 months and she lost that 15 pounds without dieting or doing HCG.

Example 2

An obese man came into our office wanting to lose weight. He had to lose 150 pounds before he could even start the HCG diet. I decided to do an allergy test on him and from that test; I had him eliminate 8 foods from his diet. Within 2 months, he lost 50 pounds and went on to lose 100 pounds total over the course of 6 months.

These are just two of the many examples I have that show how doing a simple food test and eliminating one or more foods from your diet can help you to lose weight!

From Dr. Budnick