How “In Office” Liposuction Works

August 30, 2013

How In Office Liposuction WorksIn-office Liposuction may sound scary but in reality, it is actually much safer than the other forms of Liposuction and related procedures!

Our advanced Cold Laser Liposuction procedure is performed right inside of our medical office located in Scottsdale, Arizona. You may be thinking to yourself, how is this possible? How is a procedure such as Liposuction able to be performed anywhere but a hospital? The answer is simple. With advancements in technology, our Cold Laser Liposuction procedure is as minimally invasive as they come.

This also means that patients only require simple local numbing of the skin, not heavy anesthesia. Not only is our process non-invasive, but our in-office doctor, Dr. Paul Budnick, is emergency medically trained for any concerns that you may have. What does this mean for you? Simple local numbing (as opposed to heavy anesthesia) results in:

  • Faster recovery process
  • Much less downtime
  • Safer procedure
  • No stitches
  • Happier patient

After receiving Cold Laser Liposuction in our office, you can expect to have a quick recovery time and to see immediate results! Patients are typically able to return to work within 1 or 2 days of receiving liposuction, however everyone is different and each patient may experience slightly different results. One of the best parts of Cold Laser Liposuction includes the immediate results patients can expect to see. Not only will you see immediate results, but those results will continue to improve as the swelling from the procedure minimizes.

In office Liposuction is extremely convenient, quick, nearly painless and hassle-free. Why go to the hospital to have a procedure done when you can get Cold Laser Liposuction, the most advanced form of Liposuction available, performed in the comfort of our medical office? You won’t have to sit around in an unfamiliar hospital with unfamiliar people, waiting for the procedure to begin. Instead, you’ll be in a familiar office, (the same as when you came in for your consultation!) with the same staff and familiar faces!