How do I receive Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

June 29, 2012

Testosterone therapy

should be administered intramuscular, transdermal or by pellets never taken oral.

Testosterone cypionate

or propionate is most bioidentical to the body, other synthetics or more anabolic and dangerous.

Testosterone shots

should be every 7-14 days with smallest dose to relieve symptoms of low T and elevate blood tests to the above average range.

Testosterone creams and gels

are daily usage and should be applied to hairless areas of the body that won’t rub against others. Pellets are placed with a minor procedure that includes local anesthesia with Lidocaine, very small incision and insertion of a trochar into the muscle fascia to drop the prescribed amount of testosterone pellets that last 4-5 months.

Ways to optimize testosterone therapy are to eat a diet high in protein; lean meat, fish, eggs, protein shakes. Avoid refined carbohydrates such as flour, sugar, white rice therefore no bread (whole wheat included), bagel, cookies, tortilla, donuts, crackers, noodles, pasta, and most cereals. No sugar; pop, sweets and candy. No milk, good aged cheese ok. Further avoid alcohol, smoking, and drugs.