Waxing Services

Woman at waxing hair removal in beauty parlor

Waxing Services

Unwanted hair is removed from the follicle via waxing. The hair is soft as it grows back because it is pulled out of the follicle rather than shaving it off, preventing the unpleasant “stubble” feeling.

  • Smooth and even skin
  • No cuts or bruises
  • Stubble free skin
  • Waxing removes unwanted hair completely, from its roots
  • Irritation and allergies-free
  • Slow hair re-growth
  • Underarms
  • Eyebrows
  • Upper Lips/Chin/Side Burns

Anti-Aging & Aesthetics

Botox® can last approximately three months. For those who exercise frequently or expose themselves to high temperatures, the Botox® can last less than three months. Botox® is not recommended to be injected less than every three months unless a touch up two weeks after initial injections are needed. Botox® can take up to two weeks for it to go into effect 100%. If the patient decides to do less Botox® units than what is recommended by the professional, the duration of effect may be less than three months.

Botox® dosing is patient dependent. Depending on the severity, wrinkles/lines and strength of the muscle being treated, the nurse injector will decide the amount of Botox® units needed.