Acupuncture encourages the body to naturally heal, prevent illness and improve functioning. For men, acupuncture can help improve lagging libido, impotence and low sperm count.


DreamBody offers an array of supplements that can alleviate symptoms, boost energy and result in overall better health . Dr. Budnick and the staff at DreamBody will assess your needs and design a structured supplement plan that is just right for...

Food Allergy Test

A food allergy test can help confirm if you are allergic to food or your symptoms are being caused by something else. This test is a preventative way to be sure that the diagnosis of symptoms is being treated correctly.


HGH helps repair all the cells of the human body. It is truly the best anti-aging drug and should only be prescribed by an experienced, board-certified anti-aging medicine physician. Men with low bone density, muscle mass and high body fat can be treated with...