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HCG Diet Specialists: How does it Work, and Is HCG safe?

HCG Diet

Weight loss is the trend going on in the present world. We categorize safe eating as per individual considering the whole person. Further, the HCG Diet involves a combination of hormone supplements or injections to promote calorie and weight loss. There is no scientific evidence suggesting the diet is safe and claims what the supporter does.

HCG Diet Men

What is the HCG diet? 

HCG is a hormone produced by female bodies during pregnancy to help the fetus develop. Likewise, doctors can prescribe HCG injections for treating fertility issues in females and other hormonal problems like hypogonadism in males. The HCG diet first became known in the 1950s. Besides, studies have proven that taking HCG diets helps reduce hunger and support weight loss by redistributing body fats from thighs, hips, and stomach. The HCG diet is for those looking to reduce weight rapidly. Similarly, the modern HCG diet by HCG supplements or injections leads to a reduction in calories.

We have partitioned the diet into three phases and is a short-term dieting plan intending to help people lose weight in 3 to 6 weeks. By having the HCG components, the diet can lead to a loss of 2 pounds per day.

What can you eat during the diet plan?

The HCG diet is not only for the reduction of calories in the body. The plan also encourages limiting daily calories to a minimal number some days or weeks. The three phases are:

  • Loading phase

The loading phase helps the body prepare for the calorie reduction it will enter during the weight loss phase. A two-day primer is preparing for an HCG diet with high fat and high-calorie foods up to 250 grams per day. We encourage people to eat as many fats and calories as much possible.


The daily HCG supplements or injections begin at this time. It stocks the normal cells and prepares the body to burn the “abnormal fats”.

  • Weight loss phase

In this phase, the people continue with HCG diets consuming 500 to 800 calories per day in over two meals. This phase lasts up to 3 to 6 weeks.

  • Maintenance phase

After people have shed the average desired number of pounds, discontinue the HCG diet by increasing the calories. Though the calorie amount is not specified, some state that 1,200 to 1,500 is the target.

What to eat during the HCG diet?

  1. Approved vegetables

They also allow vegetables in the plan like lettuce, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, shallots, onions, radishes, etc. Take it along with lean protein at lunch and dinner.

  1. Herbs and spices

Herbs and spices are a calorie diet, but they are the primary source of flavouring foods on HCG diets. Likewise, the HCG diet users use garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary for seasoning meats and vegetables.

  1. Tea, coffee, and water

People can drink coffee, water, and tea in the HCG diet as much as they like. Further, coffee and water can be sweet by stevia. But as per the diet, add only one tablespoon of milk per day for adding richness to the soft drinks.

What not to eat in HCG plans?

  1. Oils and fats

We cannot include fats and oils in HCG diets. Besides, the dramatic limitation of calories doesn’t have fats and oils. There is no room for more than nine calories per gram of fats containing.

  1. Carb foods

HCG diets restrict not only fats but also carbohydrates. Maybe we can include Melba toast or breadstick in the dinner. Other things like muffins, pasta, bread, and high-carb foods are restricted.

  1. Dairy products

Apart from 1 tablespoon of milk per day, the HCG diets cannot include other dairy products like ice creams, yogurts, cheese, and processed additional milk.

  1. Sweets and desserts

We cannot include desserts and sweets in HCG diets at all. Likewise, high-calorie items like cookies, cakes, and candies contain many calories, not suitable for HCG diets. These diets need to be omitted entirely.

Is the HCG diet effective and safe to be taken?

As per studies, the HCG diet is neither safe nor is effective. We advise many people to stop over-the-counter products containing high amounts of HCG. Having an HCG diet can have potential effects like:

  • Enlarging of breasts in male
  • Changes in mood
  • Blood clotting

Another concerning aspect of the HCG diet is that people restrict calories to just 500 calories per day. It is a low-calorie diet for promoting short-term weight loss. But it also puts people into serious side effects like:

  • Malnutrition
  • Having an irregular heartbeat
  • Low mood swings, etc.

The diet plan deals with consuming 500 or 800 calories spread into two meals. Further, for breakfast, you can have coffee and tea sweetened with stevia. There are no such specific recipes to target HCG diets, but the people can take 250 grams of calories during lunch and dinner each.

Is having an HCG diet a healthy choice?

In a study, Federal Nutrition share that average adults need 2,000 calories per day to keep a balanced weight. HCG diet meets only a fraction of the calorie requirements. It falls short by just offering 500 to 800 calories. Also, use the nutrition calculator to meet the goals healthily and sustainably.


The HCG diets promise dramatic weight loss, appealing to people to have a realistic and balanced diet for a healthier life. Further, many diet plans might not work for you, and short- or long-term diets might not be necessary for you. If you desire to burn fat, you must remember that losing weight does not have the healthiest self. There are some other ways to lose weight, as well. Sleep pattern, exercise are some different lifestyle patterns you can adopt, playing a significant role in overall health. You can get advised by the best and top-notch specialists here, as they guide you in the right direction. Apart from these, the best diet is the one you need to have a balanced diet fitting into the lifestyles.

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