Hormone Health for Men: Manopause

June 29, 2012

The levels in testosterone, known as the sex drive hormone in men, decline naturally over time, due to a number of factors including aging, decreased activity, poor diet, and human growth hormone deficiency.

At our clinic, we refer to this deficiency as Andropause. By the age of 60, an average male’s testosterone level is about half what it was in his teenage years. Wouldn’t it be great to have the strength and energy you had when you were 18? Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can help! Testosterone is one of the most important anti-aging medications for both men and women. The benefits include:

Increased lean body mass

Decreased fat mass

Improved libido

Improved cholesterol levels

Reduced bone fractures

Improved cognitive function

Improved mood

To find out if you are a candidate for TRT, you will need to see one of our physicians. Samples of blood and/or saliva will be tested to determine your hormone levels. The physician will then create a plan of care best suited to your needs. Testosterone can be prescribed as a cream, gel or as an injection. All of these options and more can be discussed with our board certified anti-aging physicians. We are experts in hormones, and we truly believe replacing hormones on a natural level can benefit your overall health.

Find out how we can get you back to feeling younger with hormone replacement therapy. From testosterone, HCG weight loss plans, and our physician-grade vitamins, we can help you start the New Year feeling better.