Keep Running with Prolotherapy

July 10, 2013

Runners are naturally prone to injuries. That is the fact of the matter but, that doesn’t mean that every runner should have to deal with the pain that comes with the sport! No runner wants to deal with the hassle of surgery, but many think that it is their only option to get rid of the pain. When you sign-up for surgery, you have to go through the actual surgery, the recovery time and the rehabilitation. If you want to avoid surgery and get rid of the pain, try Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a surgery-free treatment offered here at DreamBody Medical Centers that is performed right inside our medical center.

Unlike surgery, Prolotherapy does not have any downtime or real rehabilitation. Most patients tend to feel localized soreness after the treatment, but nothing too severe.

The Process

  • The patient receives an injection into the area of pain
  • The injection then causes a controlled inflammation
  • The controlled inflammation stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms to lay down newer and stronger collagen fibers and cells

This process typically requires anywhere from two to six injections in order to completely rid the patient of their pain. Each treatment is generally spaced out three to six weeks apart from one another.

Prolotherapy is a natural and surgery-free way to heal your running injury and reduce the pain. And the best part about this treatment? You can start to notice improvement as soon as two weeks from your first injection! Whether you have pain in your knees, ankles, shins or any other body part from being an avid runner, Prolotherapy can help reduce the pain and get you back to running in as little as two weeks from your first treatment.