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We Use Naturopathic Approach to Anti-Aging, Pain Management, Weight Loss and Integrative Medicine

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At DreamBody Medical Centers, our goal is to offer the most advanced and comprehensive services available to help keep you looking youthful and natural.
Services we offer:
  • botox
  • lip filler
  • dermafillers
  • microneedling
  • PRP facial
  • PRP hair restoration
  • PRP eye bag

Botox® Specialists

See Real. Noticeable Reduction in Frown Lines and Wrinkles.

No Wrinkles? Keep those lines away with Preventative Botox®. Temporarily smooth moderate to severe wrinkles and frown lines with Botox®, a simple, non surgical treatment offered by our Nurse Adan.


Botox® is a neurotoxin protein that prevents the release of neurotransmitter acetylcholine from axon ending at the neuromuscular junction leading to muscle paralysis (relaxation).

Hyaluronic Acid Filler Specialists

Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles; get back the volume you once had.

Enjoy a more youthful appearance with DreamBody’s dermal filler services. Dermal fillers are administered by injection or cannula technique to help restore volume loss when fat pads under your skin begins to shrink or shift as we age.

The dermal fillers used at DreamBody Medical Centers are made of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is also known as hyaluronan and it is a clear substance that is naturally occurring in your body.

It is found in great amounts in our skin, connective tissue and eyes.

Hyaluronic acid helps retain water and keep your tissues hydrated and lubricated. Depending on the area being treated and the patient being treated, our nurse injector Adan will decide which dermal filler to use.

Services we offer:
  • Juvederm family of fillers
  • Restylane family if fillers

Microneedling Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy. Microneedling uses fine needles to puncture your skin repeatedly to stimulate healing and collagen production. Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that encourages the body’s natural wound healing processes. This results in cell turnover and increased elastin production that not only can reverse the signs of aging, but potentially prevent it as well! The results of Microneedling are very natural because it uses the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. Microneedling is generally better tolerated than laser treatments with minimal downtime.

What is Microneedling Used For:
  • Reducing the appearance of scars, including acne and surgical scars.
  • Reducing both fine and deep wrinkles as well as crow’s feet.
  • Helping aging skin by tightening it up and giving it a more youthful glow.
  • Reversing hyperpigmentation and sun damage.
  • Assisting in shrinking pores which in return helps the skin to appear smoother.
  • Assisting your skin care products by potentially allowing better absorption and penetration of your topically applied serums and creams.
  • Reducing scarring and stretch marks all over your body (chest, neck, thighs, etc.)

PRP Facial

Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles; get back the volume you once had.

Using your bloods growth factors, PRP can help boost your collagen and elastin production to help heal your skin and give it a younger appearance. PRP helps tighten skin, diminish or get rid of scars, even skin tone, improve skin texture, diminish fine lines and improves skin hyperpigmentation. By drawing your blood, double spinning it, and removing the red blood cells, we obtain the platelet rich plasma necessary for your skin treatment. Using a Microneedling machine, we create very small channels in your skin that will help absorb your PRP once applied to your skin.

A minimum of four treatments 4-6 weeks apart is recommended, but depending on your skin status or goal more sessions may be recommended by our nurse injector.

PRP Hair Restoration

Using your blood’s growth factors, platelet rich plasma can help restore hair loss and strengthen your hair! By double centrifuging your blood, your PRP is higher in concentration than normal, which means the amount of growth factors found in your plasma is significantly increased. Injecting PRP into your scalp helps increase blood flow to the hair follicle, lower high levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which in return stimulate the hair follicles to aid with hair growth and strengthening. High levels of DHT have been known to cause hair loss. Each treatment is done 4-6 weeks apart from one another.
A minimum of four treatments is recommended but may vary upon assessment.After getting the initial sessions recommended by our nurse injector.

Adan, one PRP treatment every six months is recommended to help upkeep the results

PRP Dark Circle And Skin Rejuvenation

Injecting your dark circles with platelet rich plasma (PRP) helps create more collagen and elastin, which in return will rejuvenate damaged skin tissue to help give your eyebags a younger appearance. If there are dark circles, PRP can help decrease the pigmentation around the eyes giving your skin a brighter appearance.

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