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Supplements 101



What if we told you that the healthy foods that once provided you with enough nutrients to live a strong life, no longer do? Although that may sound crazy and impossible, with the constant changes in farming and agricultural techniques, those foods no longer provide us with the appropriate amount of nutrients that our bodies are used to getting and that our bodies need.

Instead of dwelling on this more-than-real fact, let’s do something about it! Luckily, nutrient supplements can be taken on a regular basis in order to take the place of those nutrients we humans used to receive from the same foods we eat today. Everyone’s body is different – some may have a vitamin D deficiency while others may experience a vitamin C deficiency. With nutritional supplements readily available at our DreamBody medical center, there is no need to live with these deficiencies.

If you have noticed a change in your behavior, health, lifestyle, or overall comfort, there is likely an answer to this sudden (or not so sudden) change. Many times, a vitamin deficiency is to blame. While most people think that because we live in Arizona, we are taking in more than enough vitamin D than could ever be necessary, the opposite is actually true. When out in the sun, most of us wear sunscreen to protect our skin and avoid sunburn. While this is extremely crucial, it is also keeping a lot of Arizonians from getting their necessary vitamin D. This is where nutritional supplements come into play!

Lack of vitamin D is just one example of the countless vitamin deficiencies humans experience on a more than frequent basis. Come in to DreamBody Medical Centers and see if you have any nutrient deficiencies. Our experienced and well-trained staff of nurses and doctors can get your body back on track. There is no need to live with these deficiencies and you shouldn’t have to suffer just because of the changes in farming and agricultural techniques that are taking place.