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The Milk Mutiny


We all grew up hearing our mothers tell us to drink our milk because it would make us strong and heal thy and we all know the slogan – “Milk, it does a body good”. However, more and more Americans are giving up milk and other dairy products. Since 1978, the consumption of milk by Americans has dropped from a cup per day to just over a half. In fact, 54% of Americans do not drink milk every day. Why are so many people fleeing from milk (and other dairy products) and should they?

Many people are giving up milk due to allergies or intolerance. A true milk allergy actually affects less than 1% of American adults and causes symptoms like vomiting, hives, or even anaphylactic shock. However, many of us do have an intolerance. As we age we tend to lose the enzyme that enabled us to easily digest milk when we were children. Thus, we notice that we may become bloated or experience gastrointestinal distress after we’ve had dairy. Most people can still handle dairy in moderation and diary that includes live active cultures (like many yogurts) can help us digest the lactose more easily.
Other people have given up dairy because of the fat it contains. Now, there are many low fat and no fat dairy alternatives at the grocery store but too often, the fat has been replaced by sugar. The British Medical Journal actually recommends eating small amounts of full fat dairy items rather than high sugar low fat dairy. Not only will you get more nutrients, the fat will help you feel full and help prevent overeating.

Finally, many people are afraid that dairy may cause cancers like breast, ovarian, or prostate. Some experts feel that it may be the growth hormones that are given to cows in order to boost milk production that are fueling the high rates of these cancers in the U.S. However, there are just as many studies that assert that dairy helps prevent cancer. Fortunately, more grocery stores are carrying dairy products from organic farms as well as dairy that has come from cows who are not given hormones. If you want to continue to consume milk but avoid the hormones, it’s relatively easy to do so.

Milk and dairy are excellent sources of calcium, vitamin D, and protein. We need all these for strong bones. However, milk and dairy are not the only sources of these vitamins and minerals. Foods like kale and broccoli contain plenty of calcium while we can get vitamin D from the sun as well as egg yolks, cereal, or fatty fish. Finally protein can be found in meat and nuts. There are also many other kinds of milk that can help provide these nutrients. Among them are soy, almond, hemp, coconut, and even rice milk. No matter whether you choose to go dairy free or not, it is important to make sure that you are getting everything you need from your diet. The physicians at Dream Body can help you determine whether your diet is providing all that is necessary for your health and well-being and can even recommend vitamin supplements to make up any shortfalls. Either way, milk is not the miracle worker we may have believed it was when we were growing up, but neither is it something to be avoided at all costs. A little bit of research, your personal preferences, and maybe a little bit of advice from a medical professional are all you need to make your own decision.

Services We Offer

Botox service


No Wrinkles? Keep those lines away with Preventative Botox®.
Derma filler service

Dermal Fillers

Enjoy a more youthful appearance with DreamBody’s dermal filler services.
Microneedling service


Microneedling is also known as collagen induction therapy.
PRP facial service

PRP Facial

Using your bloods growth factors, PRP can help boost your collagen and elastin production to help heal your skin and give it a younger appearance.
Hair restore service

PRP Hair Restoration

Using your blood’s growth factors, platelet rich plasma can help restore hair loss and strengthen your hair!
Eye bag service

PRP Dark Circle

If there are dark circles, PRP can help decrease the pigmentation around the eyes giving your skin a brighter appearance.
morpheus8 ICON


Morpheus8 uses a hand-held device with microneedles and radio frequency to help with collagen production,
pdo thread ICON

PDO Thread Lift

PDO thread lift is a treatment that combines the use of polydioxanone (PDO) threads (similar to sutures used in medical procedures)


Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which is a biocompatible synthetic substance that stimulates collagen production.
lipodissolve service

Lipodissolve Injection

LipoDissolve is an alternative to regular Liposuction that does not involve surgery.
Dreambody Injection Service

B12 Injection

A medical science used for over 50 years, vitamin B-12 injections can increase energy levels while suppressing your appetite,
weight loss service


Semaglutide, often referred to by the brand name Ozempic, is a Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) produced by the gut.
mounjora ICON

Mounjaro (Tirzepatide)

Obesity is the most common chronic medical disease. Rather than having a simple solution of eating less and moving more,
Adrenal fatigue service

Adrenal Fatigue

The Adrenal glands are small glands located on top of the kidneys.
nutrition therapy service

IV Nutritional Therapy

Using your own blood and adding ozone to it, this IV helps boost your immune system
Dreambody Harmone Service

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is a medical treatment used to treat aging-related diseases
Thyroid Dysfunction

Thyroid Dysfunction

We perform blood test includes five (5) different thyroid tests.
Chronic diseases service

Chronic Diseases

We integrate traditional Western medicine and Naturopathic medicine for the treatment of chronic difficult cases.
PRP therapy service

PRP Therapy

PRP uses the patient’s own growth factors obtained by separating patients blood components
Prolotherapy service


Prolotherapy (aka Regenerative Injection Therapy – RIT), also known as ligament reconstructive therapy or sclerotherapy
Trigger point injection

Trigger Point Injection

Trigger point injections (TPI’s) are used to treat painful areas of muscle that irritate surrounding nerves and cause pain
Hydrafacial ICON


Hydrafacial is a multi-step, specialized procedure that mixes potent serums to give you brighter, younger-looking, and more
Dermaplanning ICON


This skin treatment removes debris, dead skin cells, and vellous hair (peach fuzz) from the face by exfoliating
Facials ICON


A rejuvenating and calming facial! This procedure is for you if you want to unwind and have both a facial and a massage
Microdermabrasion ICON


Skin tone and texture are renewed using a minimally abrasive procedure. This procedure can lessen the appearance
Waxing ICON

Waxing Services

Unwanted hair is removed from the follicle via waxing. The hair is soft as it grows back because it is pulled out of
Lipblushing ICON

Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is a type of semi-permanent cosmetics designed to accentuate the color of the lips. It’s a type of cosmetic
Eyelash ICON

Brow Lamination

Without using an eyelash curler, eyelash lifting gives the lashes a semi-permanent lift and curl that increases their visibility