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Traditional Liposuction vs. Cold Laser Liposuction – What’s the Difference?


In the world of weight loss, liposuction has always been an impressive solution to remove excess fat in the most troublesome areas. What used to be known as “going under the knife” can now be done externally with Cold Laser Liposuction. Avoid the tedious hours of searching the internet for information and read exactly what makes traditional liposuction a procedure of the past.

Traditional Liposuction

While both services present the same goal, there are a fair amount of differences when it comes to cosmetic surgery. After walking into the office on the day of your traditional liposuction procedure, the doctor marks your body with a pen to indicate where the fat will be removed. This can be pretty intimidating! Let’s take a further look into what differentiates the traditional and cold laser liposuction methods.

During the Procedure

Traditional liposuction requires large amounts of anesthesia to aid in a smooth procedure, leaving the patient in a state of sleep during the entire process. While common anesthesia causes no lasting harm to the patient, heavy amounts of the medication can add to the discomfort post operation. Traditional liposuction requires large incisions to be made in several different areas on the skin to accommodate large instruments called cannulas. Cannulas are hollow, metal instruments used in traditional liposuction to suction fat. These serve the same purpose as a vacuum, suctioning the fat and liquids found in fat deposits into a flask attached on the end. Not only is the continuous movement found painful when it’s time to recover, but leaves patients with unwanted scarring. The doctor must make trusting motions to move the instruments under the skin to collect fat from between the skin and muscles. This can result in dimpling or saggy skin after the swelling and bruising decrease. If a large volume of liquid is removed in addition to the fat, the doctor will request an intravenous (IV) line to replace the fluid lost.

After Surgery

You are done with your operation, what’s next? Varying on the distance from the hospital to the patients’ residence, some are asked to stay at the hospital for the remainder of the day. Patients frequently receive after-surgery instructions about wearing compression garments and taking the necessary amount of antibiotics to prevent infection. Unlike cold laser liposuction, infections pose a greater risk for traditional liposuction due to the bigger incisions required for the cannula. Depending on the amount of fat removed, most patients need long days of bed rest or hospitalization and experience discomfort after returning to their normal routine. This allows time for any stitching to heal and swelling to reduce. This can be a hard road to recovery while the patient’s personal and work schedules are put on hold.

Cold Laser Liposuction

Thanks to the evolution in technology, cold laser liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure that delivers better results and does not require countless days to recover. Thanks to DreamBody, it is now possible to shed your unwanted fat without the side-effects traditional liposuction leaves behind. Live the full experience of a new, thinner body without the evidence of scarring with cold laser liposuction.

During the Procedure

The sophisticated tools used by DreamBody make liposuction safer than ever! Cold laser liposuction does NOT require heavy amounts of anesthesia, which leads to a faster recovery and safer procedure. You will remain wide awake during the operation, only numbing the area of skin worked on. While the health risks reduce greatly with no anesthesia necessary, this is a great way for our patients to feel confident in choosing DreamBody for their weight-loss needs. If desired, the doctor can offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help patients feel as comfortable during the procedure as possible. The procedure begins with a small laser inserted through a minuscule incision, melting fat instantly! Fat cells are then suctioned out through the small incision. Once the fat cells are removed they are never to return again, leaving you permanently thinner! The small incision is strategically placed and fades away completely within a year. No scars, no worries! This makes the experience much better for the patient, not having to recover from stitches or visible scarring.

After Surgery

The laser liposuction procedure causes far less trauma to the tissue under the skin, minimizing bruising and swelling. This is what causes a speedy recovery and has you back to your normal routine in no time. The skin is also tightened after the procedure to help minimize any cellulite that may occur. Unlike traditional liposuction, the painless cold laser liposuction procedure enables patients to return to work a day or two after the operation. Cold laser liposuction can be done on nearly any part of the body, and will have you walking out the office shortly after the procedure. Following the post operation protocol will deliver the best results, giving you more confidence than ever before!

Get Started Today

Don’t let the intimidating demonstrations of traditional liposuction scare you away from a permanent solution to weight-loss. Book your consultation online at DreamBody and let us help you reach your goal using the latest in technology, cold laser liposuction!

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