Is Talking About Facial and Body Work Still Taboo?

August 10, 2015

Many Hollywood celebrities deny having any kind of procedures done. Instead, they point to “good genes” as the reason they stay looking so young and fit. However, more and more of them are opening up and admitting that they have had botox or liposuction or other procedures. No matter your stance on plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, it probably is a good thing that it is becoming more acceptable to admit that you have had “work” done.

Cosmetic surgery was once considered a luxury and just for the rich. Today, cosmetic procedures are on the rise among people from all walks of life and many procedures no longer require actual surgery, making a youthful appearance much more easily in reach of just about anybody.

For many people, they don’t have facial or body work done in order to be beautiful. They do it to build their confidence or improve their self esteem. For a woman who may have given birth to several children, a breast lift and a tummy tuck can do so much more to improve her appearance than exercise alone. Or for the sales manager who has droopy eyelids or heavy jowls, a procedure to tighten up the sagging can make him look rested and energetic again which in turn will help him be more successful.

As a result, more people do talk openly about cosmetic procedures they have had. For instance, a monthly book club (which consisted of about a dozen middle income women) often discussed botox, facial peels, and liposuction among other procedures. Almost every single one of the women had had something “done”. Their priorities were looking natural and well rested so they often traded information on the doctors who had performed the work. In this case, being open and honest was great because it helped them find reputable medical professionals. None of the women wanted to look like a Barbie doll – they just wanted to look like their “best” selves.

This trend does also seem to be catching on with celebrities as well. Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, and Nicole Kidman have all said that they have had botox. Angelina Jolie was incredibly open about her mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Many in the plastic surgery profession have praised her for her honesty. Cosmetic surgery is not just about vanity and it doesn’t need to be taboo.

Another important reason to be open about cosmetic surgery is that it is the best way to find a reputable doctor. Getting referrals from friends who look great (and still natural) with the help of a good doctor is a terrific way to find peace of mind when choosing a medical professional. So, go ahead, don’t be afraid to talk about cosmetic surgery. If you and your friends are happy with your results, then spread the word!