June 1, 2016

Summer is officially here (hello 100° plus temperatures!) and for many of us, it is time for popsicles.  Who doesn’t remember enjoying a popsicle on a warm summer day as a kid? These frozen treats are a great way to cool down, stay hydrated, and even work in some of the vitamins found in fruit. Unfortunately, it seems like almost every package at the grocery store claims to be healthy so it can be hard to choose a treat that really is good for you and your family. The key is to look for varieties that are made with whole fruit and no high fructose corn syrup. Here are some choices that are delicious and still healthy for you –

  • Best Grape
    Edy’s Fruit Bars
    These bars will make you feel like a kid again, purple-tinted lips and all. Real Concord grapes give these bars juicy flavor.
  • Best Mango
    Whole Fruit Fruit Bars
    Mangoes are delicious but they are a lot of work – you have to peel them and pit them before you can enjoy them. With these bars, all the work is already done for you! These are also a wonderful dessert for a spicy Southwestern meal!
  • Best Coconut
    Luna & Larry’s Organic Naked Coconut Bliss Bars
    These bars contain both coconut chunks and coconut milk delivers for a creamy tropical blast. They taste like ice cream but they are actually dairy-free.
  • Best Strawberry
    365 Everyday Value Frozen Fruit Bars
    These bars are full of succulent bits of berries for a rich, jammy taste. Unlike many other varieties, these are in no way watery or bland!
  • Best Lime
    Trader Joe’s Fruit Floes
    If you want something that will make your mouth pucker a little, these bars have a wonderful sweet-tart taste. Citrus is perfect for summer and kids and adults will love these!