December 29, 2011


At DreamBody, we do offer facials here. We offer a range of different percent glycolic peels.

The one that I truly recommend is our VI peel. It’s the deepest physician grade peel out on the market right now, and it’s fantastic. The skin actually peels off in sheets, and the skin below comes out a fresh new skin. So, it gets rid of hyper-pigmented areas, old acne scars, deep lines. It definitely helps soften lines up. But getting away dry dead skin is what it does.

A medical grade peel or facial can be done as often as four weeks. I do recommend patients to wait a couple of months and really take care of their skin in between treatments. So, ultimately getting them once or twice a year is an average.

At a day spa, the peels offered are generally not as deep as a medical grade peel that we offer here at DreamBody. A day spa can offer a very low percentage of glycolic peel, but at DreamBody we go deeper than that. So, only in a medical office can you get a peel this strong.