December 29, 2011


HCG is a diet if you want to lose twenty pounds in the next month or two. That’s the best way I can put it. HCG is very, very safe. The pharmaceutical injections are the only way you should do it. The stuff over the internet that you buy is not as strong as the pharmaceutical. In fact, the stuff over the internet is homeopathic. The definition of homeopathic is it is so diluted that they can sell it as a non-pharmaceutical drug so it is actually diluted one to 125,000 so there is one ounce to 125,000 ounces which is one ounce to 125 gallons about.

So why should you do it – you should do it to lose weight. It’s been around so long, over the internet you might see that there’s no study backing it up and that’s because it’s been around for 35 years. We already know it works.

Why would you use HCG instead of liposuction? Well I sit down with a patient and try to get their goals. If they think they are going to lose weight with liposuction, you’re wrong, they are going to lose inches. HCG, what they have, they are going to lose weight. They will use them in conjunction. That what makes DreamBody Cosmetic and Anti-Aging so special is that we do use them in conjunction. Generally a liposuction clinic will not do bioidentical hormones in HCG in testosterone replacement. We do here. That’s why you achieve your dream body because we are going to tighten your muscles with bio identical hormones. We are going to have you lose general weight with the HCG and then that spot troubled area of fat, we are going to suck that out and you are going to lose inches so your pants, your tops, your jeans fit better.

The myth that HCG is dangerous is it is a myth. The danger stuff is the homeopathic stuff on the internet. That is dangerous because what you’re doing is you’re eating 500 calories. The HGC in the homeopathic substance is just water so you are not chewing up fat as fast so with the HCG you are chewing up fat and you are delivering more calories to use so you can function better and you lose weight faster.How does HCG work? I love that question. HCG, again, it goes back to the basic premise of why you are on this Earth is to procreate and your body, when you’re pregnant, it wants the baby to grow, it wants the baby to continue to grow and if you’ve seen starving people in Africa they continue to grow. The mother’s stomach grows nice and big. They deliver seven, eight pound babies but the mother gets very skinny if they are calorie deprived in some of these countries that have famine in them let’s say. So that’s where the first observation for HCG came, so the whole premise is that HCG hormone will chew up your fat to feed the baby. Of course while you are doing it you are not pregnant so if you restrict yourself calories to 500 calories a day your body will chew up the fat on your body to feed the presumed baby by the HCG sensed by your fat cells.